Goondiwindi woman goes from ag tech to health coach after 'enlightenment journey'

It may seem surprising that a woman in her 40s with an agricultural background, a degree in rural technology and experience running a magazine would make a career pivot as a Health Coach.

It seems a bit left of centre. However, for me it was all part of my enlightenment journey.

First, I should answer the obvious question, what is a Health Coach? Simply they partner with you in your own health journey. I support people, to help uncover what they need to succeed and how they can reach their long-term health goals. Really, how many pre-fabbed meal plans work long-term for anyone? What makes the difference is support, encouragement, feedback, an accountability partner and someone on your side.

My personal journey led me here. At age 44 I realised I was not as healthy as I had always professed to be. I was moody, couldn't sleep, and was lacking energy, confidence and motivation. I wasn't myself. I felt awful, but put on a brave public face. What made me drag myself to find answers was my insatiable inquiring mind. I am the first to admit, I am a bit different. Not everyone wants to dive headlong into a rabbit hole of research.

When I finally admitted to myself that I had to change or risk personal relationships as well as my own health, I started researching, veraciously. What I learned blew my mind, and all the while, I was changing. I was working out, I was tinkering with my diet and finding what worked, and I was getting results. My body was changing, I felt better, had so much more energy even to the point that some days I was bouncing out of my skin, my mind was clear and my moods were not as erratic.

My partner joined me on the journey and lost over 30kg. He is now fitter than he was in his 20s. Friends began to approach me for help. I realised two things, first, I loved helping other people and that this interest in optimising human health was "lighting me up". This is what excited me and I knew that I owed it to myself to have a crack at making this a career.

I am now a Certified Primal Health Coach and work with clients near and far.

I have lived in Goondiwindi for close to 20 years, and while I work with locals, I also have remote clients. Indeed thanks to the wonders of the internet, I can work with clients from just about anywhere. I am not your 'fit into your bikini for summer' girl. I am here to help people live long, healthy, energetic lives. To feel better and to make that last. There's certainly nothing wrong with wanting to feel good in our skinny jeans and the great thing is, those aesthetic benefits come along for the ride as we improve our overall health. You can look me up at

Goondiwindi's Denise Ellis is now happier than ever. And she says you can be too.

Goondiwindi's Denise Ellis is now happier than ever. And she says you can be too.