COVID traces found but no need for concern

COVID 'traces' found in Goondiwindi sewage

Queensland Health has confirmed there are positive traces of COVID-19 in the Goondiwindi sewerage system however there's no need for concern according to GRC Mayor, Cr Lawrence Springborg AM.

"This is not a surprise and is not a cause for panic or concern," he said.

"Our community already knew that over the last two weeks several COVID positive people have reported to Goondiwindi Hospital directly related to the Moree super spreader gatherings in late October. We know that there are direct household contacts in home quarantine in Goondiwindi and that as recent as late last week some of these were still testing positive.

"The Goondiwindi region currently has NO exposure sites identified by Queensland Health. To date there has been no unexplained or unlinked community transmission in Goondiwindi. It is therefore probable that this positive sewerage result is related to the known close contacts in Goondiwindi already in home quarantine, however the message is still if you are feeling unwell please get tested.

"This positive sewerage result could also be a range of other scenarios for example a transport or logistic operator that has transitioned through Goondiwindi and is shedding the disease from some time ago. Alternatively, it could be a new case that is yet to be identified. Once again all we can do is be cautious, and get tested if you have any symptoms.

"Goondiwindi region is continuing to lead the State with more than 95% first dose vaccination rate [as at Sunday 14 November] and 86.2% double vaccinated. As a community our high vaccination rate is keeping us safe, as all known positive cases in Goondiwindi have been in either unvaccinated or not fullyAnchor vaccinated people.

"The Goondiwindi Hospital is providing an exceptional service for our community and the turnaround times for COVID test results from the hospital have been excellent," said the Mayor.

Testing at Goondiwindi Hospital requires you to call ahead on 4578 2400, bring your phone charger, water and medications - there may be a wait. Testing is available from 8am -4:30pm, but if you need emergency care and you have COVID-19 symptoms call ahead for assistance. For additional testing locations, visit: