Cane toad found in Moree

A juvenile male cane toad has been positively identified in Moree and the LLS is asking for your help.

Local Land Services believe the toad was most likely a stowaway but say your vigilance is important.

For people travelling from known cane toad areas or collecting feed or machinery, be aware cane toads can hitch a ride and they can have a devastating impact on local biodiversity if allowed to establish in our region.

Here's what to do if you think you've spotted a cane toad:

  • Always wear protective gloves and eyewear. Cane toads extrude (and sometimes squirt) poison from glands behind their head.
  • Catch the animal and hold it in a closed, well-ventilated container with some water.
  • DO NOT KILL IT until it is confirmed what it is. Some native frog species look similar to cane toads.
  • Photograph the animal
  • Report it to NSW Department of Primary Industries through the online form here or call 1800 680 244.

You can also contact an LLS Biosecurity Officer on 1300 795 299 who can assist you with identification and submission of the online form.

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