Picnic Races

What a day and a night it was.

The Goondiwindi 2021 Picnic Races is being heralded by many as one of the best ever.

But even proud Committee President, James Rohde said more than a little of the excitement of this year's event, was caused by the wait.

"This is my second term as President, but my first rodeo."

Like so many community events throughout the world, the Goondiwindi Picnic Races were cancelled in 2020.

And for a near heart-breaking moment it appeared history, or the nightmare, might repeat itself when Brisbane was forced into lock down a mere two weeks prior to the event.

They were initially told it had to be a seating-only event and there could be no dancing.

But after clarifying that it was an outdoor event and by working closely with Queensland Health the Picnics went ahead.

With gusto.

"There was a great vibe, every one was smiling. There was just a wonderful feeling about the entire day," James said. And night

Just ask any of the 2500 who attended.

This year's Picnics was limited to over 18s.

"We were testing the waters but we've been given plenty of positive feedback from those who came, security and staff. It just clicked. It wasn't as crowded so that 2500 crowd may be the magic number," he said.

There were plenty of highlights, from the Fashion of the Fields to the race track.

"We had 80 horses, a record six races, a huge betting ring, the entertainment by local group Cartel and DJs Ean and Miss Cherry were superb. We may have hit on a blue-print for future events," James said.

Which included a last-minute decision to invite food vendors which included everything from chicken wings to pizza.

'They were a hit and sold out by 10.30."

"There are plenty of people who made it such a success, too many to name, but I would like to especially congratulate the committee.

"They are just so community-minded and passionate

"They are a pretty special group," James said.

"See you next year!"