Easter is a celebration of life and living it to the full


EASTER is a celebration of life, and living it to the fullest. Jesus said that he wanted us to have abundance; in our home, in our families, in our relationships - in every area of our lives. He gave his life willingly on the cross, so we could receive these gifts through the miracle of salvation. He also said that he was not willing for anyone to miss out on that salvation.

In every instance, for every person that Jesus came in contact with, he wanted them to be made whole and complete - physically, mentally and spiritually. He sat with people from all walks of life and treated them with equal love and dignity. As a matter of fact, it made the "religious people" of the day very angry because he sat with all kinds of people they thought were beneath them.

Jesus was a radical teacher. He taught the truth of God's love and affection in a way that was very different than anything they had ever heard. Imagine God wanting to have a personal relationship with everyone. Not just the "religious" people! It was unheard of.

Many find that hard to believe, even today...but it is just as true today as it was then and throughout all the generations behind us. The best news is that it will be the same for all generations to follow us. Jesus really is the same - yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Why don't you come and see?

The Reverend Kay Hart

Rector, Anglican Parish of Goondiwindi

We do go through dark days, but none as dark as that first Good Friday. It was a very dark day but then came Sunday.

Just when the forces of evil thought they had triumphed over Jesus, he rose from the dead. Death was not the end of Jesus. instead he was the victor over death and remains the victor over death. because he rose, Christians believe that his sacrifice for their sins was accepted. They have been truly forgiven and death will not be their end but a gateway to heaven.

Jesus' resurrection shows that he is who he claimed to be - the Son of God and the Saviour of the world. It also shows that God is faithful to his promises.

At Easter we celebrate with hot cross buns and Easter eggs. While the hot cross bun with its spices and cross decoration reminds us of the death of Christ, the hollow Easter eggs remind us of life and that the tomb was empty.

While the hot cross bun with its spices and cross decoration reminds us of the death of Christ, the hollow Easter eggs remind us of life and that the tomb was empty.

Rev. Paul Andrianatos

So this Easter crack an egg and celebrate the triumph of good over evil, hope over despair, light over darkness and life over death. Have a blessed Easter.

Rev. Paul Andrianatos

Goondiwindi Congregational Church

The giving and receiving of Easter eggs, is a great family event, that brings joy and satisfaction to many families across this nation. Why does one give?

Because they love. Love is at the heart of Easter. Love for us is celebrated on Good Friday, when we prayerfully acknowledge the mighty sacrifice made in the crucifixion of His Son, Jesus, so that we could be saved. Our Christian faith is based on the birth, baptism ,ministry, death, resurrection and ascension of Jesus. On Easter Sunday, we have the opportunity to reflect on the miracle of the resurrection, and what it means for us - here today.

As you prepare for Easter we would encourage you to plan a visit to any one of the many Church services being held around town.

Jan Waller


Happy Easter!

God's perfect love was expressed on the Cross when Jesus Christ was crucified and died. In spite of His pain and suffering, Jesus still thinks of the well-being of His people, as He thought of the well-being of His Mother and His beloved Disciples.

This is Jesus' assurance for us, "God loves the world...God loves you."

On the third day He rose again.

Jesus is risen, Alleluia!

He rose for you and for me.

Easter gives us hope when all seems to be lost and evil seems to triumph.

But the resurrection of Jesus erases our doubts and hopelessness, replacing them with faith and hope.

The most powerful message of Easter is, "God is in control!"

Slowly but surely, He will return everything to normal.

So rejoice and be glad and show His hope to others.

Jesus has risen from the dead ! Alleluia !

Easter Blessings,

St Mary's Parish,


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Thursday 1st April 7pm Eucharist and Stripping of Altar - Holy Trinity

Good Friday 2nd April 8.30am Solemn Liturgy - Holy Trinity

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