$500 reward for gorgeous Raph the missing parrot

It's been a tough month for the Jackson family from Goondiwindi.

Raph, a beautiful Alexandrine Parrot, flew away after Christmas after getting a fright.

They are desperate to get him back.

The family has offered a $500 reward.

If you have seen him phone 0419702267.

He has a gorgeous green and pink neck, with a black chin and he has blue tag on his right foot.

He was last seen flying towards the golf club.

The Alexandrine Parrot originated in India and Sri Lanka.

The parrot is named after Alexander the Great, who transported numerous birds from Punjab to European and Mediterranean regions. These birds were prized by royalty and nobles.

Tame, hand-fed Alexandrine parakeets can make loving and affectionate pets, although they tend to become "one-person" birds. These birds are highly intelligent and are known to be excellent talkers, making them very popular pets.

This bird has an excellent capacity for imitating human speech clearly.