Sisters Liz Crowe and Sarah Gleeson launch Family HQ app

DYNAMIC DUO: Sisters Sarah Gleeson and Liz Crowe have officially launched the Family HQ app. Photo: Supplied

DYNAMIC DUO: Sisters Sarah Gleeson and Liz Crowe have officially launched the Family HQ app. Photo: Supplied

FAMILIES with sick little ones will be given a boost by a new app launched by two local sisters.

Goondiwindi's Sarah Gleeson and her sister Liz Crowe, who lives in Tamworth, have launched the Family HQ app to help parents manage their children's medication dosages.

Launched on Monday, the app will allow parents to track their kids medication intake, share the details with other family members and will send alerts when it is time for the next dosage.

An emergency department nurse by day, Liz Crowe said the app was the product of nearly two years of hard work by herself and her sister, who is a GP obstetrician.

"I had the idea after I had my second child Oliver and I couldn't remember how much Panadol or Nurofen I had given my eldest when I was sleep deprived with a new baby," Liz told the Argus.

"So I looked for an app to help me keep track of it and there was just nothing out there that was easy to use for parents, so I told Sarah about the idea and it all just developed from there.

"These types of medications can be so helpful when your child is sick, but overdosing on them can lead to many issues so this app helps to elevate that risk."

Joining forces with the University of New England's (UNE) Smart Region Incubator (SRI), the sisters were able to begin planning for the app.

"We didn't really have much of a background in app development at all, so we really did learn as we went along," Liz said.

"The guys at the UNE SRI were just fantastic at helping us get the idea off the ground and that MVP grant really helped us get it over the line.

"It was very much a new world for us but the app developer we had was just fantastic and was really good at explaining things to us in laymans terms, so now we can speak a bit of the lingo."

Liz said there was still a variety of new additions to be made to the app.

"We have a huge list of features that we want to add into the app as well things parents have told us they'd want in the app," she said.

"This is really just the beginning and there is a lot of exciting places it can go.

"To us it's all about making life easier for parents and when their little ones are sick, this app will be there providing piece of mind for them when they need it most."