Jenny wants mums to laugh themselves stupid

Jenny Wynter.

Jenny Wynter.

Comedian and mum-of-six, Jenny Wynter, says women need to get out and "laugh themselves stupid".

Comedian and mum-of-six, Jenny Wynter, says women need to get out and "laugh themselves stupid".

Calling out to all district women, especially the mums. An award-winning comedian, a mum-of-six who suffers from a bipolar disorder, reckons she is well positioned to find the funny side of life, even in the age of COVID-19.

Jenny Wynter will perform at the Goondiwindi Civic Centre on September 19 Raised by her grandmother after her mother passed away when she was five, Jenny soon discovered humour was a form of pain relief. In 2004, her life as mother of two kids under the age of two propelled her to leap into the world of stand-up comedy. A few months later Jenny was awarded the Brisbane, Lord Mayor's Fellowship for New and Emerging Artists. Fifteen years later, Jenny is now a well-known Aussie comedian who is about embark on the first live tour across Queensland.

She will be joined by palliative-care-nurse-turned-comedian Carolyn Mandersloot, and Canadian comic Jasmine Fairbairn. They will help mothers shine a light into the darker parts of life and celebrate the highs and lows of motherhood. The tour coincides with the release of Jenny's new memoir, FUNNY MUMMY which shares a highly personal account of Jenny's life as she navigates grief, divorce, unplanned parenthood and her bipolar 2 disorder.

Jenny has pledged a $5 donation from all book purchases to Friends With Dignity, a not-for-profit charity that provides practical programs to assist survivors of domestic violence -

After an extremely turbulent year with months of home-schooling and lockdown, Jenny who is now a mother of six, is well positioned to provide some much needed belly laughs and a well-deserved night out for Queensland mums!

"Laughter has 100% gotten me and many other mums I know through Covid and proved more than ever, that it's not a luxury item but a necessity. I think it says a lot that a show for mums, by mums, is one of the first to get on the road post-lockdown! We deserve and need to get out of the house and laugh ourselves stupid, I absolutely cannot wait to get out there and spread the joy around," Jenny said.

The FUNNY MUMMIES COMEDY GALA is being rolled out as part of the Queensland Government's Play Local initiative.

Where and when: - Goondiwindi Cinema & Theatre, GOONDIWINDI - 19/9. - The Farmhouse, ST GEORGE - 20/9. - Paroo Shire Hall, CUNNAMULLA - 22/9.

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