Oman Ama residents get a mail service back with a little help

A new mail delivery service at Oman Ama near Inglewood will bring greater convenience and peace of mind to residents.

"I'm very pleased to have been able to assist in securing roadside mail delivery for residents in Oman Ama after the closure of their local community postal agent," Maranoa Member, David Littleproud said.

"After hearing that Oman Ama residents were travelling to Inglewood, more than 20-minutes each way, just to collect their mail, I made contact with Australia post on their behalf.

"In regional areas, the mail run is about more than just letters and parcels - it connects residents to the outside world, which is why securing a reliable and convenient delivery method for Oman Ama was so important.

"After I highlighted the issue, Australia Post conducted a mail poll to give residents a say on how they wanted their mail delivered, with 52percent voting in favour of roadside delivery.

"This is a great outcome for Oman Ama, and I thank Australia Post for listening to the concerns of the community and providing all residents an equal opportunity to have their voice heard."