Leave 'precinct' alone says Goondiwindi resident

Have you taken the survey? It will aid Council to make a decision about possible development along the river.
Have you taken the survey? It will aid Council to make a decision about possible development along the river.

The Goondiwindi river precinct from the hospital to the boat ramp is beautiful enough says Goondiwindi resident, Thea Beare.

She was reacting to a call from the Goondiwindi Regional Council urging residents to give them feedback on what they wanted, or "didn't want" in the area.

She has argued in a letter to Council that no development is needed and any change would impact on local residents due to the increase in traffic and noise.

The GRC Director of Community and Corporate Services, Jason Quinnell said Council welcomed Mrs Beare's views.

"We want to hear from all residents.

"We want to challenge them to think about what they may want or don't want for the area," he said. "This is all about letting Goondiwindi residents have their say.

"No decision has been made and none will be made until we get a clear indication of what people want," he said.

"That's why we urge all members of the community to submit their views at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/WPH3YM3."

This is an edited extract from Mrs Thea's letter: The proposed position for a River Precinct where Marshall Street joins Elizabeth Drive is a residential area and lacks the physical space and suitable topography needed for the proposed development. The residents in that area would be detrimentally affected by the accompanying extra traffic, noise and activity.

"The present toilets are inadequate for the proposed use. Parking is used by utes with boat trailers, workers' vehicles and other large vehicles. As such, the site is unsuitable for people with children, frail elderly, wheelchairs and pets for safety reasons. The area available for suggested activities is very limited, both in size and land gradient.

"It is not possible to connect the area to the CBD as there are homes, the hospital and a service station in the space which would be required to do this in an effective way. can't help but wonder if any members of the committee and Council live near or interact with the suggested area on a daily basis? If they did, I believe they would understand its limitations better, and appreciate the natural beauty of this area as it is.

"We already have many places in town for dining and coffee shops. What is needed is food and leisure opportunities that appeal to a wider range of people and budgets, both townspeople and tourists alike. The area between the Town and Water Park would be perfect for integrating these two groups, connecting the Park to the Town more substantially, and is just crying out for the sort of development and activity proposed."

Mr Quinnell clarified that no development has been proposed.