Police commend Goondiwindi residents who self-quarantined

The locals visited the testing site at the showgrounds and are awaiting their results.
The locals visited the testing site at the showgrounds and are awaiting their results.

Two Goondiwindi residents have decided to self-quarantine, despite not having to, after returning from the NSW Central Coast earlier this week.

The Goondiwindi pair have gone "above and beyond" according to the Goondiwindi Police who paid tribute to their "community-mindedness".

They made the decision to quarantine because they visited a region which will be classified as a COVID "hotspot" - on Saturday at 1am.

Former Mayor and Royal Hotel manager, Graeme Scheu said two staff members had visited Ettalong and had decided to self-quarantine as a "precaution".

He made the decision to speak out after hearing rumours COVID-19 had broken out in Goondiwindi. (IT HASN'T.)

But firstly he explained the circumstances.

"I took their temperatures and they were both 36.4. Neither of them have shown any symptoms. They also took a test at the showgrounds for which they are waiting on their results," Mr Scheu said. As we spoke, those results were expected at any moment. The usual time from test to getting a result is roughly 24 hours, often less.

"As a responsible business within the hospitality industry we decided together to take this action as a precaution," he said. We spoke with police, the medical centre, Queensland Health locally and in Brisbane. We wanted to be on the front-foot."

Despite all that it didn't take long for the rumour mill to swing into gear.

Mr Scheu assured the community there had been no positive tests and no protocol broken. "The community gossip is out of hand," he said. "We would never put anyone in danger. In fact everyone has said we have gone above and beyond our call of duty. Everything has been done by the letter of the law."

Goondiwindi Police Senior Sergeant Richard McIntosh agreed.

"The area they went to is not yet a hotspot. There is no requirement for them to be tested or to isolate. They have taken the initiative themselves and make sure they are on the safe side. It is very community-minded of them," he said.

The current restrictions - anyone who has been to any of the hotspot Local Government areas in the past 14 days is not able to quarantine in Queensland and will be turned away at the border. The exception is for Queensland residents who can return home but will be required to quarantine in government provided accommodation at their expense.

Hotspot areas

Victoria: Allof the state.

The Queensland Entry Declaration can be accessed at www.qld.gov.au/border-pass.