$70,000 drought funding for region

A drought grant has helped pay for entertainment such as camel races at this year's Inglewood Show. Photo: Inglewood Show Source: Facebook
A drought grant has helped pay for entertainment such as camel races at this year's Inglewood Show. Photo: Inglewood Show Source: Facebook

Seven local groups will benefit from more than $70,000 through Community Drought Support grants.

Across Queensland 59 organisations will share in up to $5 million of funding with recipients of the one-off grants to utilise the funding to provide in-kind or financial assistance to individuals, families and households impacted by the drought and as a contribution towards events and activities in drought-affected communities.

Locally the money has been distributed as below:

Tie Up the Black Dog $16,640

At the end of last year Tie Up the Black Dog wanted to do something positive for the community. "The drought was so savage, and people were hurting all across our region," Mary Woods said. "So we put some of our resources to good use and we decided to purchase and distribute 'Shop Local' cards throughout the community," she said.

Cash redeemable cards were sent out through CARE Goondiwindi, Stanthorpe Chamber of Commerce, Inglewood Lions and Texas District Drought Committee to the total value of $18,500 to be distributed throughout those communities.

"To be able to continue our event work through 2020, we needed to recharge our account, so when we saw the Department of Communities Drought Relief funding available, we decided to apply," Mary said. "Then COVID hit, and the funding that was to have been announced in February disappeared into the COVID fog. But last week we have been informed that we were successful in our application."

Julie Cross, who spoke for TUBD in Goondiwindi last year at a luncheon, will visit three venues: Talwood, as a thank you to celebrate the achievements of the wonderful committee of the Pink Ladies Day; Augathella and Blackall.

"We are working on arrangements for those events now - we will be restrained a little with COVID requirements - but we are certain that these events, to be held in October (COVID willing) will bring joy and renewal to these communities," Mary said.

Texas Lions $20,000

The local region will receive a "double whammy" of support with the TADS sub-committee to purchase and distribute Why Leave Town Gift Cards. Joan White said possibly around 100 farmers could receive the donation of a card. The added bonus is the cards will be used at local businesses who are also struggling. "This drought is nowhere near over," Joan said. "We are very excited to receive this grant to be able to continue to support our community in any way we can," she said.

Yelarbon P&C $13,800

The Yelarbon school has been working with Josh Arnold to create a song about their town. Last term the students wrote the song and this week a film crew is visiting. The final phase will be to host a community day.

Meanwhile, the Yelarbon school has been lucky enough to also receive $45,000 under the FRRR Tackling Tough Times Together program for a greener fields project. Artificial turf will be laid in high traffic areas of the school and is hoped to include activities for students such as hopscotch, the alphabet and possibly a handball court. This will be of great assistance to help cut down maintenance costs and with water restrictions and so on during the drought.

Inglewood Show $3400

Inglewood were lucky enough to host their show before Covid hit but still suffered significantly from the drought. Rosemary Johnstone said There was no campdraft due to the drought and only a small cattle section. "We decided to run a peoples' show and so we applied for the grant to provide plenty of entertainment and free activities for our patrons," she said. "The camel races we hosted for the first time were a big hit."

Kioma P&C $3816

The majority of the funding will go towards school stationary which the P&C buys each year. Some will also go to the purchase of students' uniforms. "The drought continues and our area is looking like missing our second winter crop in a row. It really impacts the whole community so any relief the P&C can provide to parents such as this is great," president Brett Crawley said. "The P&C also uses any extra funding we can for extra teacher hours. Our major fundraiser is the Drum Muster scheme but in times like this people are spraying less too, but we are very thankful to those who support us with their donations. I want to thank Fiona Rae for doing the application for us and the QLD Government for the grant," Brett said.

Texas Qld Incalso received a $10,000 grant while Bungunya P&C received $3000.