QLD border to reopen, new passes needed

Police warn travellers of delays as border set to reopen.
Police warn travellers of delays as border set to reopen.

Police are urging travellers planning to cross the NSW/QLD border tomorrow to expect significant delays on roads when the border re-opens.

The Queensland Government has announced that the NSW/QLD border will re-open to NSW residents from midday tomorrow (Friday July 10), with travellers requiring a Border Declaration Pass to enter the state.

With the change in entry conditions, the NSW Police Force is working closely with the Queensland Police Service and are urging motorists to be ready to provide all relevant documentation and identification at checkpoints to assist with reducing delays.

With thousands of motorists expected to be travelling into the state Police Commander, Superintendent Dave Roptell, is pleading with drivers to be patient and prepared for a heavily delayed journey.

"If you are choosing to cross the border in the next 72-hours, please be aware we anticipate there will be extensive delays at the major checkpoints.

"We are working with our counterparts to ensure as smooth a transition to the new border pass system as possible, but we understand this will take time to work through.

"If you do not need to cross the border on Friday, we are asking you to delay your travel for a couple of days to allow for the large influx of traffic to flow through the checkpoints.

"If you do decide to cross the border, make sure you are well prepared - have some snacks and water in the car, stop off at a rest stop.

"It will be a long journey, so we are asking drivers to please be patient. Always drive to the conditions, don't speed to try and get to your destination sooner, don't have any distractions around you while behind the wheel, and as always - do not drink or drug drive," Supt Roptell said.

Police are also reminding holidaymakers to adhere to social distancing guidelines and follow current Public Health Orders.

"We are not out of the danger zone yet," Supt Roptell said.

"With residents now able to travel we are seeing a massive influx of visitors to popular spots.

"Police are continuing to conduct high-visibility patrols and ensuring locals and tourists alike are following the current rules.

"And of course, if you have any symptoms, go and get tested," Supt Roptell said.

To see the most up-to-date traffic conditions visit Live Traffic.

To apply for a Queensland Border Declaration Pass, visit https://bddy.me/3iCLaNo.

Queensland Border Declaration Passes need to be renewed every seven days.