It's winter so be fire safe says Inspector

Winter is here, so be fire safe.

As the weather cools and heating appliances come out, Inspector Chris Martial from Queensland Fire and Emergency Services, South Western Region encourages everyone to take care.

"Take the time to check electric blankets and heating devices are properly functioning and do not have any frayed or exposed cords," he said.

If they do, repair or replace damaged appliances.

"Winter is the season where different appliances, such as electric blankets and heaters, come back into use and home fire safety can be compromised if people do not take the correct precautions," he said.

Faulty or poorly maintained electrical equipment, as well as placing flammable materials too close to curtains, bedding or other materials, can cause fires.

"Be aware of hazards that can spark fire like overheated battery chargers and power points.

"If you're using multiple appliances at once, don't overload your power board and ALWAYS ensure you turn off your appliances when finished using them."

"Now is a great time for everyone to check their home fire safety and minimise potential fire hazards around home," Inspector Martial said.