Rusty MIA as new book launches

Sally Scudamore's book is available at Little Tots Treasures.

Sally Scudamore's book is available at Little Tots Treasures.

Remember Rusty 'runabout' Scudamore?

Well, the famous intrepid traveller now has his own book, but he's not home to help launch it.

For many Goondiwindi locals, sightings of Rusty out roaming are not uncommon. The adventurous Australian Terrier is the kind of character that always has a thirst for making new friends and going on new adventures with the confidence he will always find his way home for dinner with his family.

Generally this confidence was pretty accurate, although sadly Rusty has been missing since mid-December - and he's missing out on all the fun.

Aunt Sally Scudamore is a first time author with Rusty Runs Away.

The children's book tells the tale of Rusty, who hitched a ride on board a semi-trailer all the way from his Goondiwindi farm to Snowtown, South Australia.

The pooch was perfectly happy at home until his family went away on a beach holiday, leaving him with Farmer Gruff and Grandma Jude, who are not much fun.

Fed up, Rusty sets out on an adventure of his own, ending up a lot further from home than he intended.

Despite being treated like a VIP guest, Rusty desperately misses his family and is delighted when he discovers they are missing him too.

Reunited back on the farm, Rusty and his family realise that holidays and adventures are fun, but nothing compares to the comfort of home and loved ones.


Sally is a speech pathologist who grew up on a local farm with a large family, all of whom love to tell fantastic tales. "These stories are most often inspired by the everyday antics of a core group of quirky farm animals," Sally said.

Sally now has 10 nieces and nephews, who also love a good story. When she moved to the United Kingdom in 2016, sharing stories over video chat became the way to maintain relationships and connection with her family.

Rusty was often the star of these stories. "He sniffed out the potential for a wider audience and took matters into his own paws, thrusting himself into the media spotlight when he went on his big adventure," she said.

The overwhelming public interest in Rusty's story was the catalyst for Sally to create a book which captures not only Rusty's mischievous ways, but a little of rural Australian culture.

"There is a small part of hope left that he may be living his best life hitch-hiking around Australia with some really cool back-packers, and that he will turn up sporadically - you never know," Sally said. Rusty is microchipped and registered as missing.

"We are really grateful for all the interest in support in finding Rusty and bringing him home once more."

You can purchase Rusty Runs Away from Little Tots Treasures in Goondiwindi.