Border residents urged to apply for border pass with Queensland border restrictions now in force

Adam Marshall urges border residents to obtain a border pass.
Adam Marshall urges border residents to obtain a border pass.

Border residents who need to access essential services in Queensland are urged to apply for a border pass, with the Queensland border restrictions now in force.

Restricted entry into Queensland began at 12.01am Thursday to limit the spread of coronavirus, with all arrivals into the state required to self-isolate for 14 days, unless they have an exemption.

Although exemptions are in place for border communities like Mungindi, Boggabilla, Toomelah and Bonshaw, which rely on Queensland businesses to do their grocery shopping, attend medical appointments and work, Northern Tablelands MP Adam Marshall said the restrictions will still have implications for these residents.


Mr Marshall urged these residents to apply for a border pass on Thursday.

"The Queensland government will allow NSW border residents to enter the state for these essential services, as long as they don't intend on staying longer than reasonably necessary," Mr Marshall said.

"People living in these communities need to go online as soon as possible and apply for a border pass, which they will need to present if asked for by the authorities."

Mr Marshall said the Queensland restrictions had been established to allow for the continuation of essential goods and services.

"I know many border farmers and freight companies would today be questioning what these changes mean for their operations," he said.

"Quarantine exemptions are in place those living outside of Queensland who provide services including transport of goods and freight including food, agribusinesses, essential health services, emergency services, maintenance and repair for critical infrastructure, energy, mining or government workers who perform official duties.

"What I would say to anyone who feels they could be affected by these border restrictions is apply for the border pass as soon as they are able."

Queensland police and other emergency officers will be responsible for enforcing the measures and monitoring roads.

If a person is not exempt from the quarantine requirements but still wants to enter Queensland, the enforcement officers will give them a direction that requires them to stay in a stated place, restrict their movements, restrict contact with others or other directions as deemed necessary for the 14-day period of quarantine.

If a person fails to comply with the direction/s, an emergency officer may use reasonable force to enforce the direction.

If the person does not comply with the quarantine directions, penalties can also apply - $13,345 for individuals and $66,672.50 for corporations. It is possible the enforcement officer can issue on the spot tickets for lesser amounts - $1334.50 for individuals, or $6,672.50 for corporations.


You will be exempt from the Queensland border restrictions if you:

  • Ordinarily reside in NSW and work in Queensland, or travel to Queensland to obtain essential goods and services
  • Ordinarily reside in Queensland and work in NSW, or travel outside of Queensland to obtain essential goods and services,
  • Ordinarily reside in NSW, and are a carer or relative of a dependant individual who is in Queensland, and you are required to travel to Queensland to care for the dependent individual
  • Ordinarily reside in NSW and are required to travel to Queensland to reside with a carer or relative who resides in Queensland because a carer or relative is unable to care for you in your home in NSW
  • Are entering Queensland for essential medical treatment or to otherwise obtain essential goods and services necessary for the preservation of life
  • Are entering Queensland to visit a terminally ill relative or to attend a funeral
  • Are required to enter Queensland under orders of any Court of Australia or to give effect to orders of the Court
  • Usually reside in a residential facility in NSW, for example, a boarding school or college, which is closed for scheduled holidays or because of COVID-19, who needs to return to Queensland to stay with family or a carer.