Gundy Guy is new taxi service for Goondiwindi

Peter Sinclair and Graeme Scheu wish 'Gundy Guy' Peter Guy all the best with the town's new taxi service.
Peter Sinclair and Graeme Scheu wish 'Gundy Guy' Peter Guy all the best with the town's new taxi service.

A new taxi service will be available in Goondiwindi this weekend.

Gundy Guy will be operating from 5pm today (Saturday 29th).

The cab company is owned by Peter Guy who will move to town from Warwick. He has owned a small business for a number of years but has been driving taxis and buses for the last three and a half.

"I was in town working and taking a break at the pub when I asked the guy behind the bar if I could get a lift; he said there weren't any taxis. His name was Travis, who said his Dad Peter Sinclair was selling the local taxi service.

"I saw an opportunity and that's how it all started."

Peter will start as a sole operator working from but is hoping to expand. "I have to bring what the town needs so there is the opportunity to grow the service and bring more vehicles."

He is also looking at trialing a 24-hour service over Friday and Saturday nights in the coming weeks to see if it is viable.

For now Peter is operating using the number 0481 741 131 but this is temporary. He will soon be aligned with 13CABS or 132227 but wanted to get the service operating as soon as possible for the community.

With the 13CABS system, a number of 'butler' services will be offered in town. Commuters can push a button on the machine and it will call the taxi automatically. These systems will be at the four locals pubs to begin with and may expand to other areas also.

"I'm looking forward to the challenge," Peter said. "It's going to be fun. When I was in town working over Christmas I loved the place. It felt alive and there was a lot of enthusiasm. There's good community spirit; it just feels good.

"I just ask people to please be patient as we start. It's probably inevitable that we'll upset a few people who have to wait to begin with but I'll just be upfront with everyone and do the best I can. I'm just happy to be able to offer this service again to the community."