Nissan donate vehicles to drought support organisations

Nissan has donated a number of vehicles to drought support organisations across Queensland including Goondiwindi.

Rod Gibson handed over the keys for a "pretty flash" Nissan Navara to Care's Tracy MacDonald recently on a 12-month loan.

"This means we will have a designated vehicle for our drought work," Mrs MacDonald said. "Most of the time we are carrying everything from groceries to water and dog biccies so this will be a great help.

"Our main mode of transport is a 100-year-old Triton which has been all around the district carrying tonnes of bits and pieces. This will allow us to get to and from any drought meetings in a safe and reliable vehicle with us working across a 200km radius.

"It gives people a little bit of comfort to know people are thinking about those of us suffering in drought. We receive no government funds whatsoever. We rely on donations and the support of our community so this is a significant contribution."

Mr Gibson said they were happy to do what they could. "We've got limited resources but anything we can do to support this cause is positive. This drought has effected everyone and people are doing it so tough," he said.

"The problem is, we have been dealing with this for years; it's just not letting go," Mrs MacDonald said. People are now really starting to struggle. We have a vibrant and diverse community but they have just held on for too long. It's heartbreaking," she said.

Nissan's Rod Gibson hands over the keys to Care's Tracy MacDonald.

Nissan's Rod Gibson hands over the keys to Care's Tracy MacDonald.