Goondiwindi roof climb costs pub lover $800

A 20 year-old who climbed on to a roof to gain re-entry to a Goondiwindi pub, has been fined $800.

At 11.55pm on November 15, the man from Goondiwindi had been removed from a hotel.

He then made several attempts to re-gain entry by either climbing the fence or climbing on to the roof. He was later located and removed. He was fined $800 for being a public nuisance and received a six-month ban from all licensed premises in Goondiwindi and Boggabilla.

At 11.46 on November 5 Police intercepted a vehicle driving on Waller Street, Goondiwindi.

Police saw a small child seated in the back seat without any restrains or seatbelt. The child was approximately two years-old. The 20 year-old male driver from Goondiwindi was issued with a Traffic Infringement Notice valuing $400 for driving whilst passenger under four years-old was unrestrained.

At 9.14am on November 8, Police intercepted a vehicle in Donald Street, Goondiwindi.

The 20 year-old male driver provided a positive roadside drug test and as such was transported to the Goondiwindi station for further tests. The man again provided a positive saliva analysis. He was charged for drug driving and his licence was suspended.

At 7.30pm on November 7, Police intercepted a motor vehicle driving in Russell Street, Goondiwindi. The 24 year-old male from Goondiwindi produced a Queensland licence. Checks revealed the driver was currently demerit-point suspended. He was charged for unlicensed driving.

At 7.40am on November 9, Police were called to an address in Willow Street, Goondiwindi due to a noise complaint.

The 49 year-old woman resident was issued with a direction to abate the loud noise but failed to comply. Police said she increased the volume and began yelling at them. When Police spoke to the female about contravening a police direction she "slammed" the door at Police. The woman was arrested and charged for obstructing police and failing to comply with a noise abatement direction.

At 10.35am on November 9, Police intercepted a motor vehicle in Pratten Street, Goondiwindi. The 20 year- old male driver was subjected to a roadside breath test.

The man held a current provisional driver licence and his breath alcohol reading was 0.045.