Failure to stop at a stop sign leads to drug charges

A man who failed to stop at a stop sign has been charged with drug possession.

About 1pm on Sunday, Police were patrolling the Cunningham Highway when they observed a motor vehicle fail to stop at a stop sign. Police intercepted that vehicle and spoke to the 37 year-old male driver. He told Polie he didn't realise.. After speaking with the driver, Police conducted a search of the vehicle and located one "bong", one glass drug pipe, a small quantity of cannabis and methylamphetamine and other drug utensils. Police conducted further checks which revealed the registration plates were false and that the same vehicle conducted a fuel drive-off several minutes before police interception. The man was arrested and transported to the Goondiwindi Watchhouse where he was charged with 2 x possess dangerous drugs, 1 x possess utensils, 1 x attach false plates and 1 x fail to stop at stop sign.

At 10am on Otober 27, Police intercepted a motor vehicle driving on the Leichhardt Highway for an RBT. After speaking to occupants, police conducted a search and located a "bong.. The 51 year-old male passenger from Moree was charged with possession of a drug utensil. At 9.22a.m. on October 30, Police were conducting patrols along Barwon Highway when they detected a vehicle speeding at 113km/h in a 100km/h zone. The 29 year-old from Goondiwindi was fined $266 and lost three demerit points. At 13.55pm on October 30, Police intercepted a vehicle driving on Lamberth Road, Goondiwindi. The 42 year-old man from Goondiwindi was subjected to a roadside drug test which was positive. At 6.17pm on October 31, Police intercepted a motor vehicle driving on Jabiru Drive, Goondiwindi. The 42 year-old man from Goondiwindi was failed a drug test.

At 6pm on November 1, Police intercepted a motor vehicle driving on Marshall Street, Goondiwindi. The 28 year-old man produced a Driver's Licence to police. Police conducted checkse which revealed the licence was suspended. When Police questioned the driver he said he had numerous unpaid fines.

On Thursday, October 31, Talwood Police intercepted a vehicle at a random breath testing site at Toobeah. At 10.30a.m. a 42 year-old male driver from NSW provided a positive road side breath test and was subsequently transported to the Goondiwindi Police Station for a further test. The final breath analysis reading was 0.122.