Mac Writers presentation on November 12

The Macintyre Young Writers' Inc. Presentation Evening will be held in the Centenary Centre at St Mary's Parish School on Tuesday 12th November 2019. Winners to assemble at 4.30pm in Year Level groups for a 5.00pm start. A Sausage Sizzle and Drinks ($2.00) will be available after the Presentation.

Macintyre Young Writers Winners 2019

Year 1 Major Awards:

Hugo Heath "The Poisonous Leopard' St Mary's PS, Boaz McIntosh "The Extra Fun Time Machine" Border Rivers CC, Molly Giltrow "The Sad Whale" St Mary's PS, Luke Aylwin "The Walking Desk" St Mary's PS, Dusty Hohn "Ivy" Talwood SS, Jack Rae "The Zombie and the Witch" Kioma SS. Book Prize Winner: Hugo Heath Highly Commended: Bridie Bate "Annabelle Gets Lost" Talwood SS, Samuel Bishop "Sam the Speedy Bee" St Marys PS, Dusty McInnerney "The Sad Whale" St Mary's PS, Oliver Hansen "Silly Albert" Border Rivers CC, Miriam Makim "Christmas Puppy" Tulloona PS, Lachlan Coffison, "Birdy up in the Tree" Inglewood P-10 SS.

Year 2 Major Awards:

Sophie Coleborn "Magic Lollipops" St Mary's PS, Emmerson Smith "Cooking is Great" Goondiwindi SPS, Annabelle Quinlan "Should Tulloona have a Waterpark and Pool?" Tulloona PS, Arunui Va'Ai "The Flower Market" St Mary's PS, Lucy Webb "An Evil Alien Teacher" St Mary's PS, Cody Jackson "The Footy Match" St Mary's PS, Sinclair Webb "Jeff the Swaggie" Goondiwindi SPS. Book Prize Winner: Sophie Coleborn Highly Commended: Maddison Cork "Bull Riding" Texas P-10 SS, Lexi Morris "Friendship" Texas P-10 SS, Alisha McEachern "Butterfly" St Mary's PS.

Year 3 Major Awards:

Molly Raines "The Twits Shoot PVA Glue" Bungunya SS, Indya Doolin "The Beach" North Star PS, Indya Doolin "The Forest Mystery" North Star PS, Annabel Mcmaster "My Window View" North Star PS, Tony Lazarus "Crazy Day" North Star PS, Bridget Hirst "The Adventurous Five" Moonie SS, Xanthe McKay "Jack and the Broccoli" St Mary's PS. Book Prize Winner: Annabel McMaster Highly Commended: Riley Spicer "Emma's Big Day" St Mary's PS, Luke Daniells "Dingo Brothers" Texas P-10 SS, Finnegan Nolan "Thrown Off" Moonie SS, Isabella Smith "Sunshine" St Mary's PS, Gabrielle Farrow "Naya and Maya's Farm" St Mary's PS, Annabel McMaster "Mum's Birthday" North Star PS, Jarin Charles "The Joker Man" St Mary's PS, Tony Lazarus "My House" North Star PS, Charlee-Rae Johnson "Friendship" Texas P-10 SS.

Year 4 Major Awards:

Joash Cranney "The Volcanic Lab" Border Rivers CC, Emere Lazarus "Zombie" North Star PS, Toby Tait "The Flying Pirates" Yelarbon SS, Brock Dawson "World's First NRL Grand Final Draw" Texas P-10 SS, Matthew Doherty "Arrow" Texas P-10 SS, Maximus Smith "The Fishing Pole Trick" Goondiwindi SPS, Gus Bate "Roger Mick" Talwood SS, Zara Dennis "My Fault" Yelarbon SS. Book Prize Winner: Joash Cranney Highly Commended: Emere Lazarus "The Lamp" North Star PS, Katie McLean "The Magic Box" Croppa Creek PS, Emily Chandler "Mr Twit's Not-so-Handy Ladder" St Mary's PS, Scarlett Watt "The Magical Flower" Kindon SS, Annabelle Lillecrapp "The Unexpected Turn" Kioma SS, Shayla Brassington "Mr Twit's Phone Goes Missing" Goondiwindi SPS, Lillian Wells "The Pepper Popcorn" Goondiwindi SPS, Emmanuel Austria "The Ghost Trick" Goondiwindi SPS, Ethan Ford "The Ender Attack" Yelarbon SS, Liam Walker "The World in My Hands" Bonshaw PS.

Year 5 Major Awards:

Miranda Corish "Mr Linken's Library" St Mary's PS, Imogen Johnstone "Kingdom of the Sea" Inglewood P-10 SS, Emma Donges "Animal Invasion" Inglewood P-10 SS, Matilda McDonald "The Boat Ride Home" St Mary's PS, Bella Fisher "Tilly Berry" St Mary's PS, Veronica Farrow "Adventure to Fairyland" St Mary's PS, Lily Montgomery "The Shadow" Talwood SS, Annabelle Lang "The Key to Doom" Texas P-10 SS, Poppy Gibbons "The Broken Time Machine" St Mary's PS, Caleb Nolan "Trust" Moonie SS. Book Prize Winner: Miranda Corish Highly Commended: Caleb Nolan "After School Hours" Moonie SS, Phoebe Hirst "Unexpected" Moonie SS, Dan Ramsay "The Runaway" Bonshaw PS, Charlie Churchland "Revenge" Goondiwindi SPS, Emily Maher "Camping Trip of a Nightmare" Bungunya SS, Ryan Lindsay "My Undies are on the Line" Goondiwindi SPS, Alison Schwerin "Sneaking Food with Trixie" Goondiwindi SPS, Patricia Valmonte "The Curse and the Rescue" Goondiwindi SPS, Georgie Poulos "The Dark Forest" Inglewood P-10 SS, Ebony Simpson "I Am an Evil Scientist" Lundavra SS.

Year 6 Major Awards:

Bailey Day "Stone of the Alchemist Parts 1&2" Texas P-10 SS, Cam Smith "The Plane Crash" Goondiwindi SPS, Liam Harvey "The Poachers" Texas P-10 SS, Molly Cleave "Attack!" Texas P-10 SS, Bonnie Ladner "The Comic Book" Lundavra SS, Demika Cau "Time and Money" Yetman PS, Oliver Bellman "The Scrub" Croppa Creek PS, Zoey Bennett "Forced to the Limits" Inglewood P-10 SS, Hailey Price "Uncle Bob Goes Swimming" Inglewood P-10 SS, Georgia Henderson "The Baby Sitting Nightmare" St Mary's PS. Book Prize Winner: Molly Cleave Highly Commended: Paige Brennan "The Zoo" Goondiwindi SPS, Isabelle Smith "The Tumble Towers" Goondiwindi SPS, Chloe James "The Dragon Sceptre" Goondiwindi SPS, Isaac Hilton "Anthony Milford and the Bucking Broncs" St Mary's PS, George Yeo "Down the Well" St Mary's PS, Rori Zimmerman "Fire" St Mary's PS, Cooper Paterson "Dirt Bikes" Bungunya, Lily Knight "The Kidnapping" Kioma SS, Wyley Thorn "The Farm" Kioma SS.

Year 7 Major Awards:

Niamh Bauer "Invisibility" Border Rivers CC, Lucy Cowley "The Two Thoughts" Goondiwindi SPS, Maya Doherty "Ghost Town" Inglewood P-10 SS, James A Smith "My Valentine's Day Crash" Texas P-10 SS, Bridie Burton "Silenced" Texas P-10 SS, Deakin Warren "Thrash Around" Texas P-10 SS, Ella Gillece "Local Hero" St Mary's PS. Book Prize Winner: Niamh Bauer Highly Commended: Thomas Sinclair "That Day" Texas P-10 SS, Thomas Sinclair "Truth Be Told" Texas P-10 SS, Ethan O'Dea "The Portal" Inglewood P-10 SS, Layla Allen "One Stray Bullet" St Mary's PS, Georgia Hoffmann "Drowning at Hughes Creek" St Mary's PS, Nellie Warren-Behm "My Experience at Hughes Creek" St Mary's PS.

Year 8 Major Awards:

Kyra Lloyd "If Only" Goondiwindi SHS, Molly Smith "Flavian's Colour Journey" St Mary's PS, Nicholas Stuart "Icarus" St Mary's PS, Amelia Thomson "The Glowing Box" Inglewood P-10 SS, Shakara Amato "Yet Another Line" Inglewood P-10 SS, Kane Mulhearn "The Dark One" Texas P-10 SS, Tyler McKeowen "Crash Landing" Goondiwindi SHS, Emma Cowley "Fern Hill High" Goondiwindi SHS, Tattyana Callaghan "The Things Only I See" Inglewood P-10 SS, Amity Shoemark "Escaping with My Life" Goondiwindi SHS. Book Prize Winner: Shakara Amato Highly Commended: Regan Johnstone "The Hornet" Inglewood P-10 SS, Tyler Patterson "World's End" Texas P-10 SS, Tamika Lirgg "Different" Goondiwindi SHS, Tamika Lirgg "Mystery Saviour" Goondiwindi SHS, Nicholas Gee "Krono and Zeus" St Mary's PS, Nyah Duncan "Wonder Book Review" Goondiwindi SHS, Steven Osborne "Bringing the Heat" Inglewood P-10 SS, Ryan McPherson "Making the Team" Inglewood P-10 SS, Kane Mulhearn "Griffin's Journal" Texas P-10 SS, Taleal Daniells "Olivia's Journal" Texas P-10 SS.

Year 9 Major Awards:

Molly West "Late Night Fights" Inglewood P-10 SS, Jack Cowley "The Outcast" Goondiwindi SHS, Chelsea McEachern "Stay Awake" Goondiwindi SHS, Amylee Hayes "My Story" Texas P-10 SS. Book Prize Winner: Jack Cowley Highly Commended: Jackson McGovern "Gender Equality" Goondiwindi SHS, Kai McDonald "Gender Equality" Goondiwindi SHS, Caitlin Fisher "The Outback Warrior" St Mary's PS, Ruby Wright "The Worst Day Ever" Inglewood P-10 SS, Chelsea McEachern "Breathing Heavy" Goondiwindi SHS, Laila Ondra "Ethical Issues" Goondiwindi SHS, Kaidee Milligean "Domestic Violence" Goondiwindi SHS, Rumreet Kaur "Racism" Goondiwindi SHS.

Year 10 Major Awards:

Brodie Stiller "I'm Too Far Gone" Border Rivers CC, Emma Chalmers "You're Beautiful" Texas P-10 SS, Mariki Ward "Araboo" Texas P-10 SS, Max McClymont "Alone" Goondiwindi SHS, Maryanne Stratten "Best Mates from Stratford" Goondiwindi SHS, Clare Bell "Growing Up" Goondiwindi SHS, Maryanne Stratten "It Is" Goondiwindi SHS, Jorja Keoller "Shaking with Tears" Goondiwindi SHS, Ryan Strachan "Union of Mates" Goondiwindi SHS, Grace Norman "Slipped Through Fingers" Goondiwindi SHS. Book Prize Winner: Maryanne Stratten Highly Commended: Bill Bourchier "The Escape Goondiwindi SHS, Andrew Nicholls "Ted and Frank's Escape" Goondiwindi SHS, Leshenta Warren "Words Scar, Rumours Destroy, Bullies Kill" Texas P-10 SS, Paris Thompson "London, March 1779" Texas P-10 SS, John Lazzaroni "A Blind Money Farmer" Texas P-10 SS, Mariki Ward "Poor Innocent Girl" Texas P-10 SS, Kyara Hogden "Ripples on the Lake" Goondiwindi SHS, Trinity Robinson "All in Brawl" Goondiwindi SHS, Isaiah McGrady "Until Next Time" Goondiwindi SHS, Neicha Malony "A New Beginning" Goondiwindi SHS.

Year 11 Major Awards:

Charlotte Dutton "Don't Stop" Border Rivers CC, Eliah Williams "Stuck on High" Border Rivers CC, Paige Millegan "Boys Will Be Boys" Goondiwindi SHS, Sophie Hoffmann "The Little Black Bicycle" Border Rivers CC, Charlotte Dutton "A Whisky Christening" Border Rivers CC, Taylah Cooper "The Enemy Alien" Border Rivers CC, Felicity Jones "A Simple Life" Border Rivers CC, Sophie Lewis "Bright Blue Eyes" Goondiwindi SHS, Abbie Bulmer "Belonging" Goondiwindi SHS, Paige Milligean "Stolen" Goondiwindi SHS. Book Prize Winner: Charlotte Dutton Highly Commended: Paris Robinson "Night" Goondiwindi SHS, Sophie Lewis "Night" Goondiwindi SHS, Jackie Bell "Man Enough?" Goondiwindi SHS, Chantel Peterson "Night" Goondiwindi SHS, Ben Hall "The Great Boar Hunt" Goondiwindi Training Technology Centre.

Year 12 Major Awards:

Ella Gerry "Her Last Chance" Goondiwindi SHS, Matilda Paesler "Was it If or When?" Goondiwindi SHS, Ebony Raymond "Brother" Border Rivers CC, Ruby Masel "Anmanari" Brisbane Girls Grammar School. Book Prize Winner: Matilda Paesler Highly Commended: Macey Wilson "Trapped in My Own Skin" Goondiwindi SHS, Ryley Walker "A Life Sentence that Wasn't Deserved" Goondiwindi SHS, Keely Rountree-Whitmee "Sorry Won't Take the Pain Away" Goondiwindi SHS, Maddie Trost "Mendacity" Goondiwindi SHS, Claire Edwards "I Killed Someone" Goondiwindi SHS.