Goondiwindi Hospital staff celebrated by Queensland Health

Pictured from left are Tanya Koina, Amanda Pink, Anne Skelly, Verity Giltrow, Carla Dillon, Terri Jeffrey and Helen Jones.
Pictured from left are Tanya Koina, Amanda Pink, Anne Skelly, Verity Giltrow, Carla Dillon, Terri Jeffrey and Helen Jones.

Ten staff have been recognised for long and exceptional service to the Goondiwindi Hospital.

They were thanked for their contribution with a lunch and certificate presentation last week.

Darling Downs Hospital and Health Board chair, Mike Horan, said one of the things the board really valued was loyal and talented staff.

"To have people that are loyal to this hospital and loyal to the town and community is a wonderful thing," he said.

"These long service awards are very important and I sincerely congratulate the recipients."

Operations services officer, Terri Jeffrey, said her 11 years' service had gone really fast. "It's been good," she said. "Being in operations means I am always working in different areas. I like having different experiences. There is always a challenge and I am always learning which I like," she said.

Admin coordinator, Tanya Koina, who has also been with the service for a decade, said the community was her reason for staying so long. "The community is just amazing," she said. "The support the community gives and the donations they continue to make is brilliant. I moved from Redcliffe and it now takes me four minutes to get to work. I love that everything is at your fingertips and it's more relaxed."

Mr Horan said it had been a real honour for the board to be able to visit Goondiwindi. "We meet in a rural area every second month," he said. "An important part of our meetings is to meet with local people, inspect the hospital and meet some of the staff. It's been really good for us to come here. Driving in to the place it looks good, feels good... there is a good attitude among the community here. It's a well organised community. It's a good mix of young people and young families who like to move out here because there's genuine opportunities for them both socially and work-wise and family-wise.

"We've been very impressed, once again, by how this hospital and the health service in this area is managed and led. We have a medical system here that is the envy of the state and probably Australia for rural towns. We've got 12 doctors in a general practice who all do some work here at the hospital. The town is really fortunate to have that. We have other towns where it's a struggle to replace doctors, to try and maintain a midwifery service, but here it's working well. As a consequence, there is some tremendous things happening here. It's interesting to see that the telehealth usage in the last period has increased by 14 per cent and births have gone up by 10 per cent. That's quite something. There's increasing amounts of surgery being done here, there is some capital works happening at the moment but importantly $250,000 has been allocated to redevelop this part of the hospital to make it a mental health unit."

The recipients were:

  • 25 years:
  • Lorraine McMurtrie - director of nursing
  • Joan Hamilton - enrolled nurse advanced skill
  • 20 years:
  • Anne Skelly - registered nurse
  • Tracey Stewart - registered nurse
  • 10 years:
  • Verity Giltrow - registered nurse
  • Tanya Koina - administration coordinator
  • Robert Pomfret - operational services officer
  • Amanda Pink - administration officer
  • Terri Jeffrey - operations services officer
  • Carla Dillon - clinical nurse


Amanda Pink - Administration Officer

Has been employed since 28 July 2008 at the Goondiwindi Hospital. Amanda began her career at Goondiwindi Hospital as a Ward Clerk. She has gained experience working in various areas of Admin however retains her love for the ward. She has a great eye for detail which she uses to ensure the PEFs and charts are all completed and filed correctly. She is employed in a part time capacity but often steps up and does extra hours to assist the team when needed.

Tanya Koina - Administration Coordinator

Tanya relocated to Goondiwindi in 2008 to take up the position of Admin Coordinator and leads a strong team. Tanya works methodically and diligently to organise the ever-growing workload for her staff. Leading with integrity and compassion within her management role Tanya displays all the DDH values in her work as well as building strong working relationships with staff from other departments and facilities.

Carla Dillon - Caseload Midwife

Carla is a caseload midwife in our Goondiwindi Maternity Group Practice team. Carla studied very hard to become a Lactation Consultant, which combined with her midwifery experience makes her an excellent asset to the team. Carla juggles a busy life with a small business, a farm and a young family. Managing all of this with an on call demanding roster is evidence of her commitment to the role and the service.

We are very fortunate to have Carla on our team and the positive experiences the families receive are evidence of this

Verity Giltrow - Registered Nurse

Verity is employed in a part-time capacity as a Registered Nurse.

She is currently working at reduced hours of 2 days a fortnight and juggles a busy life with three small children. She is always on shift with a smile and readiness to help in any way she can.

Terri Jeffrey - Operational Officer

Terri started work at Goondiwindi Hospital on 23 June 2008. She has been a valuable member of our whole team working across food services, hygiene and linen services. Terri's knowledge of the AEC role specifically is highly valuable and is known for being pedantic and going above and beyond. Terri undertook the challenge of learning to Cook for the hospital just over 12 months ago and has proven to be highly dependable.

Robert Pomfret - Operational Officer

Rob started at Goondiwindi Hospital on 17 November 2008 as a Wardsperson. Rob is well versed in the other components of operational services, having experience in Hygiene, Porterage, Linen and Food Services. Rob has also undertaken work in the grounds. Rob, as part of an operational services team, recently built the yarning circle and pathway. Rob received a 2019 NAIDOC Award in recognition of his contribution to our community.


Anne Skelly - Registered Nurse

Annie is employed in a part time capacity as an RN but is always willing to do an extra shift and swap about to ensure shifts are covered. She is a very flexible member of our team and one of the few nurses that doesn't mind doing a bit of extra night duty which is appreciated by all.

Tracey Stewart - Registered Nurse

Tracey commenced here as an Enrolled Nurse and has completed her Bachelor of Nursing and Graduate RN year here at Goondiwindi. She has remained with us and has now achieved part time permanency as a Registered Nurse. She continues to grow in experience, and it has been a pleasure to watch her transition through to an RN.


Joan Hamilton - ENAS (Enrolled Nurse Advanced Skills)

Joan is employed full time as an Enrolled Nurse Advanced Skill. Joan is a great asset to our team and is definitely one of the GO TO people to get things done! Always willing to go the extra mile and complete tasks to assist everyone. A pleasure to have on shift and as part of our team.