Inglewood party bought out the 'hunks in trunks'

The Hunks in Trunks competition was, as usual, the "highlight' of the night.
The Hunks in Trunks competition was, as usual, the "highlight' of the night.

The annual PIPA (Partner's in Prostate Awareness) "Inglewood Beer and Blue Tie" fundraiser held recently was another wonderful success.

More than 165 people attended the golf day and party which followed. PIPA was formed in 2015, with the goal of raising awareness and support for men facing the challenge of prostate cancer. Rugby league great, Shane Webke, was the special guest. He spoke openly and honestly about men's health and incorporated a few comical stories from his own experiences as an elite footballer. You could have heard a pin drop during his speech.

Together, Shane Webke and David Osborne from the Inglewood Golf Club topped up beverages on the course with some interesting conversation and banter. By late afternoon the players were back at the clubhouse ready to enjoy a night of great music, auctions, raffles, speeches and delicious food. "Our grazing table was on offer again and we later enjoyed a meal of lamb, chicken, potato bake and salad. Thanks to the Kelly and Page families for your magic in the kitchen!" PIPA Secretary and Publicity Officer, Melissa McDowall said. "We had the return of our trademark PIPA boxer short sale. Many of the purchases were worn on course and in the "Hunks in Trunks" competition. There were 15 men and two boys strutting their stuff with some interesting moves and props incorporated in their 10 seconds of fame!

"The Will Day Band was back again and provided us with fantastic music. We thank HEESON MEDICAL for sponsoring them," Melissa said. Ryan Donovan took on the MC role, and he did a great job. Our own local lad, Harle Gall spoke to the crowd this year about his journey with prostate cancer. The fact that Harle was diagnosed in his 30s certainly opened a few eyes. Thanks Harle for sharing your story. Another big thank you goes to the Inglewood Golf Club. There's a lot that goes on behind the scenes and we appreciate their assistance. A big shout out to the bar staff who did a fabulous job, thanks girls!

"We were pleased to have Jill and Leah Costello from Man Up attend. These two lovely ladies travel thousands of kilometres every year to deliver the important message of prostate awareness and education. So we are thrilled that our fundraising event raised $17,000 to Man Up and $3000 for the Inglewood Multipurpose Health Service and the Palliative Care Room.

"A final thank you to all of our wonderful supporters who donate and help us in many different ways, our friends and families, committee members, and the many volunteers.

"We will be back in 2020 to spread the word of prostate health. A simple blood test (PSA) is the first step in early detection of prostate cancer. If you are over 40 years old, get one done. It's easy."