Goondiwindi man hides marijuana down his undies

Sticking "grass" in your undies is never a good idea.

At 1.15am on Wednesday, October 2 Police were conducting patrols in Marshall Street, Goondiwindi when they spoke to a 19 year-old man.

As a result of that conversation, police conducted a search and found 100grams of cannabis which was concealed in his underwear.

The cannabis was seized by police and he was charged with possession of a dangerous drug.

At 8.50pm Police were notified by a local business in Goondiwindi that a man had attempted to leave the store without paying for grocery items.

The 63 year-old had been stopped by staff prior to exiting the store.

After staff questioned him, the male produced those grocery items from his trousers and returned them to staff.

Police viewed the CCTV footage and confirmed the man's identity. He was later arrested and charged with shop stealing.

At 5.45pm on Saturday, October 5 police intercepted a motor vehicle driving along McLean Street, Goondiwindi.

Police spoke to the 18 year-old male driver who was smoking.

There was a child seated in the vehicle.

The man was issued with a traffic infringement notice for smoking in a motor vehicle when a person under 16 was in the vehicle, valued at $266.

At 1am on Sunday, October 6, police were called to a fight out in Callandoon street, Goondiwindi.

Police arrived and located two males swearing and making threats towards each other.

Both males then removed their shirts in preparation to fight each other.

Both males aged 20 and 21 where arrested and transported to the Goondiwindi Watchhouse.

The 20 year-old man was fined $400 for being a public nuisance.

The other man was released on bail to attend the next court date for public nuisance, obstruct police and assault police.