Hug someone who has done something for you, you won't be sorry

Two stone-cold awesome dudes, Martin Heppell and Ben Hall.

Two stone-cold awesome dudes, Martin Heppell and Ben Hall.

Don't think, just go along and maybe you'll change your life.

Or just as importantly, that of someone you love. Martin Heppell from the Resilience Program is a non-stop self-confessed "flog", but believe us, he's one you'll be glad to meet.

We're fresh from a 90-minute flurry of advice which came in the form of youtube-type clips, personal experiences, some which make a lump form in your throat, and some non-threatening home-truths which had teenagers, and a few who can just remember those wonder years, spellbound.

We don't use the word lightly. It is so often overused but we're willing to be judged by it. Today we saw young men and women laugh, hug and be motivated by a complete stranger who's main message was to "open up and be yourself".

"You are all stone-cold awesome. Believe it."

And he meant it. And they knew it. Martin will be speaking tomorrow night at a men's session and a community session on Thursday. We urge you, as strongly as we can, go and listen.