Post about Gundy, drought and why we should get set to party goes viral

"You bloody legends". Boris Billing wants us to invite Australia to biggest party in Goondiwindi's history.

"You bloody legends". Boris Billing wants us to invite Australia to biggest party in Goondiwindi's history.

There's a lot of wonderful people in Goondiwindi.

Hard-working, dedicated to their community, family and friends and willing to whatever they can to make life in Goondiwindi just that little better.

But when it comes to passion and the confidence to be themselves in the most colourful of ways, few of us can match Greg "Boris" Billing.

Read this and we think you'll agree. His post to explain why the Sounds from the Borderline and a Lanescape art festival on October 25-26 should be on everyone's calendar speaks for itself.

Within an hour of posting Boris had more than 100 shares and rising fast.

Do yourself a favour, share and invite Australia to the Boris show.

Bugger the drought.

Fact - Goondiwindi is experiencing one of the worst droughts in our history.

Fact - Businesses have closed.

Fact - Farmers have been forced to sell up.

Fact - Families have moved away due to lack of work.

Fact - The MacIntyre River on which our wonderful town is positioned next to has never been so low, The Dumaresq River which also joins the MacIntyre River - has stopped running altogether in places.

Fact - There has been no rain here for the longest time - and there has been no rain in our Dam catchment and storage areas.

Fact - There have been no crops planted in some cases for over 5 years and longer.

Fact - There is no feed for stock - farmers have been buying hay, cotton seed , supplements and anything they can get their hands on to keep their animals healthy....That is if they can afford it.

Fact - A lot of them cannot afford it - and therefore simply have had to de-stock their family farms altogether.

Fact - All of the above = zero income = local recession extremes = depression and worse = a completely shit situation.


Anyone that knows me knows that I am a HUGE music fan. I live and breathe Rock'n'Roll. I have been very fortunate over the years to meet some amazing people during the course of my musical travels and I wanted to find a way to do something to help my community through the power of music to try and inject some much needed vitality and relief.

So - I decided that I would find a way to bring some of the biggest names in Australian music out to my home town to first of all give the locals a reason to forget about the bloody drought for one day - but also to welcome in an influx of music fans from the cities and towns and everywhere in between to come and enjoy the show with us. Experience our amazing hospitality, stay for an extra day or two and spend a few dollars in town. Discover our amazing cafes and restaurants, social dining bar, glorious pubs, unique retail shops, stay in our motels and caravan parks, go on a farm tour, fuel up and most importantly - MEET THE FRIENDLY LOCALS!

We can't wait to have you here! After all - we have officially been named by The Australian Newspaper as Queensland's best regional town! SERIOUSLY!

This entire concept came about after I approached the Promoter from Q Live Events Rick Szabo to bring an event to Goondiwindi after attending one of his festivals earlier in the year. My wife and I met up with some of our city mates at this show and we all had the most amazing time! I kept saying to my wife how we needed something like this in Goondiwindi and I was going to find a way to make it happen!

I sent him an email the week after telling him how much I knew my community would love this to happen. How hard my community is struggling with the drought, how we need this to happen, and that we will do whatever it takes to make it happen. It was 4.30 pm on Friday afternoon - Rick called me back at 4.45pm that same day. (Even though my email was never meant to make it through his spam ware - sometimes these things happen for a reason!) We hit it off immediately and started discussing ideas on making this happen! He was in 100% - THIS WAS GOING TO HAPPEN!

I contacted our council, businesses and individuals to help bring this event to town. Over 60 local mum and dad businesses and individuals stood up straight away and pledged support. Because we want this to come to town - WE WELCOME AND EMBRACE IT! So the entire district was behind this concept from the start - as I knew it would be!

What we REALLY need now - is our city and country friends to buy a ticket to the gig - bring a few mates to do the same and have a bloody great time out here!

Come out Friday October 25th and check out Lanescape Festival a twilight street festival event to celebrate art, community and fun! Complete with our famously painted Bowen Lane, several local artworks, sculptures, buskers, DJ, plenty of lovely eateries and sample a few drinks.

Enjoy our town on Saturday morning - go for a river walk and check out our famous Gunsynd The Goondiwindi Grey Statue (Our landmark Champion race horse), experience our wonderful shops, have a feed and a cool beverage at one of several cafes and watering holes.

After a sleep in on Sunday - enjoy a well earned coffee and delicious breakfast in town - and why not go on one of our famous farm tours, check out the botanical gardens, go and see the water park!

I have been trying to come up with ideas to Drought Proof our district - or even at least alleviate the pressure of this crippling drought - and THIS FESTIVAL is what I have come up with.

Apart from the obvious reason being that you are going to have a fantastic time enjoying some amazing Australian music from James Reyne, Diesel, Shannon Noll, Moving Pictures, Bachelor Girl and Colt Seavers Band - there are several other reasons to head out to see us in the bush for a fun weekend.

We NEED all of you wonderful people out here - so come on and ring your mates - get a posse together - bring your caravan - bring your motorbikes - bring a bloody busload of end of year footballers! (What a great end of year trip lads!)

I just really wanted to get across to all of you what this gig really will mean to our wonderful town - it means EVERYTHING!

Yes - this drought has us on our knees - but we are not asking for a hand out - we are asking for a hand up.

See you in October you bloody legends you!