Goondiwindi sports results

This week's sports results from Goondiwindi clubs


Goondiwindi Bowling Club

Another big Carnival coming to the Club - Open Triples Carnival 21&22 September. Great prizes, good Gundy food & raffles galore. Don't miss out, get in quick with your teams.


Goondiwindi Bridge Club

Tuesday Night

North South

1. James Cooper and Diana Sheinberg 61.33

2. Kerrie Hayes and Stephen Price 60.00

3. Jill Ecroyd and John Whitmee 52.33

East West

1. Mike Rival and Paula Lennon 69.67

2. Joyce Gilbert and Mary Collins 62.

3. Judy Mayne and Jill Littlewood 53.00

Thursday night

North South

1. Barbara and John Whitmee 65.53

2. Barbara and Mike Mailler 61.73

3. Judy Neal and Jill Ecroyd 53.93

East West

1. Rosalie and Graham Mills 61.73

2. Mike Rival and Paula Lennon 56.60

3. Joyce Gilbert and Mary Collins 49.47


Goondiwindi Golf Club

Winner: Wednesday Vets Open day

Winner: P Lennon 44pts Runner-Up: G O'Connor 41pts Field Size: 94

Thursday Sporters-

Winner: D Murphy 21 pts C/B Runner-up : N Linton 21pts Run Down: 18pts NTP: G Bannister, N Kruger and Terry Rose Field size: 29

Ladies Thursday:

Winner: D Uebergang 41pts Run Up: H Heath 39pts NTP: T Giltrow and D Uebergang Field Size:9

Friday - Chook Run

Winner: T Gerry 29pts Run Up: D Craigie 28pts NTP: T Gerry and D Craigie Guzzlers: Tony Gibson Field Size: 52

Ladies Saturday Comp

Winner: L Wood 37pts Run Up: S Tribe 36pts Run Down: 36pts NTP: T Giltrow and L wood Field size:6

Sat Men : Single Stab

Winner: T Dwyer 38pts Run Up: T Raymond 37pts C/B Run Down: 33pts NTP: G Smith, N Kruger and P Jamieson Field size: 19 Sun Club Comp :

Winner: G Smith 36pts Runner Up: A Sutton Run down: 34pts NTP: J Quinnell and A Sutton Field Size:16

Goondiwindi Golf Club offers great deals Mon - Fri between 6am - 10am $50 two players and a cart 18 holes


Goondiwindi Rifle Club

The Volunteers Trophy was shot at 600 meters on Sunday morning. You could have been mistaken that the freezer door had been left open with cold southwesterly winds coming off the Antarctic. It was only the brave or somewhat very keen shooters trying their luck against the elements. No possibles were shot in the first and some of us couldn't buy an X. In the second Range the wind picked up a notch and the drop offs weren't visible , but Col picked up a nice possible after a long spell away from the range. In the wash up Pud come out on top. Next week is 700meters on Sunday morning 8am and Smallbore at 1pm see you there.

Pud Heironymus. 58.0. 64.5. 122.5. 3. 125.5

Peter Ellis. 54.3. 60.2. 114.5. 11. 125.5

Mason Carlyon. 57.4. 59.2. 116.6. 8. 124.6

Col Sutton. 56.0. 66.7. 122.7. 2. 124.7

Gary Haeusler. 58.4. 62.3. 120.7. 1. 121.7

Russell Saxby. 44.2. 51.5. 95.7. 1. 96.7

Rob Pellagreen. 54.2. 63.5. 117.7. 1. 118.7