Preston Campbell visits border region to deliver NRL 'State of Mind' workshops

Preston Campbell has told residents #Don'tStayOnTheSideline of mental health while delivering the NRL's 'State of Mind' workshop with local league clubs.

The project aims to increase mental health literacy, reduce stigma and start positive conversations, spreading the message that looking out for your mates is important, on and off the field.

Campbell also took time do some 'work' for his own foundation attending NAIDOC celebrations at Toomelah school and having a yarn-up and game of touch footy at Boggabilla.

Asking Campbell about the upcoming, talented youth in the border regions, he said they had to have belief. "It's a bit corny but you have to believe things are going to turn out alright. When all you know is this area where you have spent your whole life and all your family is here where you feel safe and confident, to go and pursue something that is completely out of the normal, self belief is important. Having a plan definitely helps. It's these learning experiences that help you learn and build resilience."

Campbell's father instilled a strong message from a young age when growing up in Tingha. "He always talked about making a contribution to the community, that I had to be a benefit to the town, not be a nuisance and stay out of trouble. That always stuck with me. In the early days of my career I had to work hard, and I couldn't make excuses. To build an attitude like that takes a while," he said.

While in town the ex NRL star also took the opportunity to show his support for the Warriors, visiting the oval and inspecting the works being done to improve the grounds.

Campbell was initially invited to the region by the Lands Council and Men's Shed. They are starting a new initiative working with local youth together. "These men have a wealth of knowledge and to bring in a bunch of young fellas they can learn from each other. Culturally we are different in many ways but we are also very similar and sometimes we don't see what makes us the same," he said.

Campbell went to Moree, then Sydney for pre-match commentary at the Broncos v Sharks NAIDOC game and will do the acknowledgment of Country at Origin III.