Yelarbon thief gets sent to jail for nine months

A 42-year-old Yelarbon man was sentenced to nine months' imprisonment at Goondiwindi Magistrates Court last week. Mathew Luke Inwood broke in to a residence in Yelarbon via the window and stole a GoPro camera he says was left to him by his late step father, while also searching through a number of draws.

Acting Magistrate J Schubert said Inwood had an "appalling" history. "You were only 10 weeks into a suspended jail sentence when you did this. You have no information to support your claim about the item being yours and that still doesn't excuse you from entering someone's house unlawfully and stealing it." He will be released on parole on August 16.

Meanwhile, a 48-year-old Goondiwindi man has been placed on 12 months probation after a "significant" amount of drugs was found stashed in his house.

Ashleigh Wayne Cook pleaded guilty to also having possession of drug utensils. During a search of his home in March Police located two small amounts of cannabis in separate locations before finding over 92 grams concealed in a cupboard, an amount the prosecutor had to confirm. Duty lawyer Clare Hine said Cook had a number of serious medical conditions and was living in dreadful pain on a daily basis. "He tells me it is for personal use," she said.

Magistrate Schubert said considering his history, he was not satisfied fines were deterring him with continued offences. "You need to consider an alternative for your pain," he said.

Trevor Tristan Hart was "within a whisker of going to jail" after pleading guilty to driving unlicensed due to a SPER suspension. The 39-year-old from Warwick was intercepted on the Barwon Highway near Talwood on June 16. "You have had three unlicensed offences since 2015 with the last one in May last year, and here you are a year later driving with no licence," Magistrate Schubert said. He was fined $900 and disqualified from driving for seven months. "If you drive in that seven months, you will go to jail," the Magistrate said.

Michael James Kopittke, was fined $1850 and disqualified from driving for one month after pleading guilty to five drug charges. The 32-year-old unemployed Goondiwindi man was stopped by Police on the town common road where they conducted a search of his vehicle. They located pouches hidden in the glove department and between the steering column and dash which contained methamphetamine. They also located a number of drug utensils. A blue tablet of Viagra was also found for which Kopittke was not prescribed to have. On another date, he was also detected driving with meth in his saliva following a roadside drug test.

Melissa Walton-Smith was fined $1400 for possession of drugs and drug utensils. The 26-year-old Goondiwindi mother was told she was getting close to a point where fines would no longer be suitable sentences. "You are getting close to potentially attracting child protective services," the Magistrate said.

Clayton Ashley Morris was fined $750 and disqualified from driving for six months after pleading guilty to drink driving. The 23-year-old farmhand from Yetman was intercepted on Callandoon Street at 1am on March 30. He returned a BAC of 0.097. He said he regretted his actions and that it was an error of judgement. The Magistrate said he did not have a very flattering driving history. "You were only here in September for a drug driving offence and here you are again. You knew the impact the loss of licence would have on your employment when you chose to drive and more importantly, you placed the community at risk."

Tamarah Hanley, 22 of Goondiwindi, was fined $800 after being found in possession of a dangerous drug and utensils. A search warrant was executed at her home where Police located 9.8g of cannabis along with water pipes, a grinder and scissors.

Reanah Jayne Jackson, 21 was fined $500 after being found in possession of cannabis and drug utensils.

Luke Matthew Holloway, 33 of Portsmith, was fined $500 and disqualified from driving for four months after being detected driving with methamphetamine present in his saliva when drug tested near Morella.

Tyrell Thomas McGrady, a 22-year-old pensioner of Goondiwindi, was fined $250 for possessing drug utensils after a bong was found at his residence during a search warrant.

John Pearson, a 60-year-old retired mechanic from Yelarbon, was fined $750 after being found in possession of cannabis and drug utensils. He was also charged for having a set of nunchucks, which he was unaware were illegal.

Travis John Williams was fined $1000 after the 23-year-old Goondiwindi man was found to be growing cannabis in his backyard and possessing a bong.

Rhys James Williamson, 26, of Goondiwindi was fined $600 for possessing cannabis and drug utensils following the execution of a search warrant at his home.

Patricia Ada Knowles did not appear at court but her case was dealt with ex parte. The 71-year-old Goondiwindi woman was found on police grounds and failed to comply with a move on direction. She also gave a false name when charged. She was fined $400.

Anthony James Attwood, 28, was fined $350 and disqualified from driving for one month for driving unlicensed due to a SPER disqualification.

Susan Therese Lane, a 71-year-old Victorian, had her two speeding charges dealt with ex parte. She was caught speeding in Marshall Street both on her way in and out of town. She was fined $168 for each instance.

Wade Adriane Kangan, 18 of Goondiwindi, was fined $100 and disqualified from driving for six months for driving unlicense from a demerit-point disqualification.

Dean James Boreham, 27, was fined $50 and had his charge downgraded due to a technicality. He was caught unlicensed due to a SPER suspension. He had paid his debt but the funds had not yet 'cleared' when he was stopped.