North Star farmer fined $3,500 for alleged misuse of pesticides

Photo: EPA
Photo: EPA

A North Star farmer has been fined for the alleged incorrect use of pesticides on stored barley grain.

The NSW Environment Protection Authority (EPA) issued a $3,500 fine to Doolin Pty Ltd, after receiving a report from a grain storage facility on April 17, 2019 about elevated residues of the pesticide phosphine in a delivery of barley from a farm at North Star near the NSW-Queensland border.

It is alleged that the barley grower had not complied with several requirements relating to the use of pesticides - including that the farmer was not following the directions for use on the pesticide labels, did not hold a current accreditation to use pesticide and did not make a record of the application of the pesticide.

EPA regional director North Adam Gilligan said safe pesticide use relied on users following directions on the product label.

"Pesticides must only be used in accordance with the product label and associated conditions, to properly protect the community and the environment from harm," he said.

"Growers must read and adhere to the pesticide labels very carefully before and during use."

Mr Gilligan said proper training helped to ensure operators had the safety of the environment and local community uppermost in their minds when using pesticides.

The community plays an important role in helping to monitor pesticide activities. If you are concerned about illegal pesticide use, or you have knowledge of an incident, please call the 24/7 Environment Line on 131 555.

For more information on Pesticide usage in NSW visit or call the Environment Line on 131 555.

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