Barambah Organics, Merlo create iced coffee that is "good for you"

Barambah Organics' Ian Campbell tests the new iced coffee product with some tradies.
Barambah Organics' Ian Campbell tests the new iced coffee product with some tradies.

Two iconic Queensland companies have teamed up in a new venture to showcase produce from the sunshine state to thousands of independent supermarkets and food outlets throughout Australia.

Local dairy company, Barambah Organics and Brisbane coffee company, Merlo, have worked hard to create a cold press iced coffee, using Barambah's organic full-cream milk and a specially created coffee blend.

Bottles of Barambah Organics' Cold Press Iced Coffee have started running off the production line at the Barambah Organics' factory in Dara, with 20,000 bottles soon to be distributed nationally.

"Barambah Organics is proud to be teaming up with Merlo, another premium Queensland company, to produce the best coffee drink on the market - and one that also happens to be good for you," Barambah Organics owner, Ian Campbell said.

Mr Campbell is a university qualified Animal Scientist and Human Nutritionist and was instrumental in creating the Queensland-born recipe, which contains no added sugar and is one of the lowest calorie iced coffee drinks on the market.

The coffee used to create the drink is a specially-made blend of five origins from three different continents and has plenty of flavour.

"It is cold-dripped for 22 hours to create a smooth, rich flavour and then blended with the full cream milk. It's the same as a barista-made store-bought latte," Merlo founder, Dean Merlo said.

All 16 Merlo cafes throughout Queensland and Melbourne will stock the new iced coffee. It will also be available at the 1500 cafes and restaurants throughout Australia who use Merlo coffee.

Barambah Organics' Cold Press Iced Coffee will also be available in more than 800 IGA, Foodworks and other independent supermarkets where the dairy products are stocked.