Billa Billa Sports and Recreation Club turns 50 in 2019

The Billa Billa Sports and Recreation Club is turning 50 in 2019.

A casual suggestion at a local Christmas party in 1968 to start and build a tennis club was the beginning of a great little club that is still going strong today and helps keep a community connected, especially is these dry times.

In 1969 at a bus meeting it was decided on a site location and a name for the tennis club, and an application was made to the Lands Department for an area of Reserve Land. From there fundraising started in earnest with a regular wool shed dance.

Approval was given in 1970 and the land was cleared for tennis courts and membership was set at $2. First bar prices were 15 cents for a 5oz glass of beer. Old fridges, donated by locals were laid flat on the ground and filled with ice and sawdust for the drinks (tallies and some soft drinks) as there was no electricity. Bob Mann of Mann's Transport would bring ice out on his mail run each Friday ready for the weekend tennis.

In 1975 cricket was established at the club and in 1977 they entered the Goondiwindi competition. Unfortunately there is no longer a cricket team.

Also in 1977 the Fea Shield competition started between other tennis clubs in the area including Yagaburne, Lundavra, Tarawerra, Westmar and Billa Billa.

Over the years there has been many fundraising events to help get the amazing facilities that the club has, including street stalls, clearing sales, catering at functions, weddings etc and it also included the Goondiwindi B&S holding its annual ball three times at the club house. In 1983, 3840 glasses of rum were consumed at the B&S at 50 cents each.

Mark Murphy, president of the club and a member of the reunion committee said, "We are looking forward to the reunion on  September 28 at the Billa Billa Club, starting with afternoon tea,  and getting as many people together to help celebrate the 50th and hearing more stories. We are so lucky to have this club and it will be a great way to say thank you to those that have been involved".

Mark's wife Vicki, along with Aileen Russell, have been busy catching up with previous members trying to get some stories and photos together for a book. If you have any photos, stories or addresses that you would like to share send Aileen an email on