Hit105 Radio's 'The Code' reminisces on his life growing up in Goondiwindi

Former Gundy guy, Cody Schaeffer, has sent a letter to the Argus to keep everyone "in the loop" about his awesome career and life in Brisbane...

For those who don't know I grew up in Goondiwindi and moved to the big smoke when I turned 18 in 2012.

I am currently working my dream job at Hit105 Radio station (was B105) as an on-air presenter for my own Sunday breakfast show: Jase, Em & The Code and also the stunt guy for Stav, Abby & Matt breakfast show.

Being their go-to guy I get to attend red carpet events, movie premieres, TV show launches, report on news happening around Brisbane/QLD and so much more.

I recently visited Sydney in January for the My Kitchen Rules launch and mingled with some Home & Away, Sunrise, 7 News, My Kitchen Rules stars who got rowdy at the launch which ended up with MKR Judges Manu and Colin Fassnidge on the stage beating the bongo drums aggressively, which was an experience!

I got to do a set visit of Sunrise which was exciting and sat on the couch on-set while they all finished the show. They were all so lovely.

After the visit I posted on instagram saying, "I'm literally shitting myself with excitement" and the cast all commented making jokes of the caption.

I've had the opportunity to hit the Logies red carpet and interview Aussie superstars, Hamish & Andy, Dr Chris Brown, Julia Morris, Shannon Noll, Karl Stefanovic and Sonia Kruger plus chat to sporting legends Wally Lewis, Johnathan Thurston, Billy Slater and many more icons.

A highlight was at the end of 2018 when I got to speak to global pop star Katy Perry. That was an experience I won't forget.

I worked super hard to get where I am now and I'll forever owe it all to my upbringing in Goondiwindi.

My school teachers, especially Miss Dyer, made a huge difference on who I was, who I wanted to be, where I wanted to go and my actions helped shape who I am today.

There is no denying I made some terrible choices as a teenager. I went down a path of crime and really lost a lot of trust with people. Those moments are really the ones that shook me and helped me make the right choices to better my future.

I always stand by the fact that nobody is perfect and many people take a very long way around and learn the hard way but those who come out the other end and better themselves should be proud.

Growing up in Goondiwindi, or any regional town, is something that isn't easy. Young people often talk about lack of social activities and lack of opportunity, and I tell you what, that is exactly what I thought.

I then thought "stuff it", I'm not going to let this stop me from being me and from reaching goals I only ever dreamed of. That's when I started G-Youth Hip-Hop lessons with a bunch of friends. It gave young people in this town a purpose, a social life but most importantly a place to shine. This gave me the chance to see what my capabilities were and do what I loved to do.

I always had the radio dream in the back of my mind. I would constantly listen to NowFm with Greg Henry on my CD player in my bedroom. I would record songs using the little microphone feature, and I would then talk between songs about random things I was doing and record ads for Bi-Lo and Video Ezy.

I still remember hearing one Sunday morning that Greg and the NowFM team were doing an OB (outside broadcast) live from Gourmet in Gundy! I lived four houses up from the Cultural Centre so I went outside to see if I could hear Greg broadcasting over the speakers (which I could) and I thought to myself, "That must be the coolest job in the world".

Now I get to do it!

Life is a crazy, crazy, crazy thing sometimes. With hard work, dedication, not a care for what people think or say about you (especially in small towns) and the drive to dream the impossible - then make it happen, is something that really got me to where I am today.