Tingha fire 2019: Calf recovering after suffering burns

'Singe' was found on the Murphy family's lease block on the outskirts of Tingha.
'Singe' was found on the Murphy family's lease block on the outskirts of Tingha.

The Murphy family at Tingha is one of many affected by the bushfire. But out of the ashes has come a heartwarming story about a new addition to their family.

Maddi Murphy contacted us over the weekend to tell us about ‘Singe’, a calf who was found suffering from burns.

Little Singe was found on Thursday on the family’s lease block on the outskirts of Tingha.

“As we were feeding stock we glanced over the affected fire area and noticed what we thought was a log,” Maddi said.

But as they stood there and watched for a while they noticed a little head turn around.

“We immediately drove over to him and it (was) at that moment we were told that he was too far gone.”

While her father drove to the house to get the gun, Maddi and her mother made a phone call to Inverell Vet Clinic.

“We described the symptoms and asked those nerve-racking question, that is, is he too far gone?

“Their response was bring him in within the hour and we will treat him at the cost of $100 for all medications and treatments.

“We realised that we had to give this little guy a chance.”

Within the hour they were sitting in Inverell Vet Clinic watching Singe be treated for his burns and inflamed legs, which in the end was done free of charge.

“We cannot thank Greg and the team at Inverell Vet Clinic enough for what they have done for little Singe,” Maddi said.

Around lunch time on Friday, it was not looking good for Singe but then he picked up again.

“It will be nothing short of a rough journey for our newest family member for a while,” Maddi said, “but once he has fully recovered he will be a long lasting resident at our family farm.”

Maddi said they were expecting Singe to return to the farm on Sunday, where he will continue his long road to recovery.

There is now a Facebook page, Singe’s journey to recovery, where Maddi is posting updates so people can follow his recuperation.