Goondiwindi High School gets award for excellence

Proud staff from the Goondiwindi State High School with the "Showcase" Award.
Proud staff from the Goondiwindi State High School with the "Showcase" Award.

The Goondiwindi State High has been crowned a State “showcase”.

The award was part of 2018 Education Department’s QSuper Showcase for Excellence in the Senior Years.

It’s for helping students head in the “write” direction.

The school’s “innovative” program has “significantly improved the writing outcomes of its students. Since introducing the program almost four years ago, the rural school has showed positive gains in student NAPLAN writing results and received national recognition for excellence in professional practice from the Australian Council for Education Research (ACER).”

The Principal, Brett Hallett and Master Teacher, Bernadette Hawker explained how the program evolved.

“From the very beginning, the aim of the project has been to make every teacher in our school responsible for the teaching of writing. So, it doesn’t matter whether you’re the History, Science, Maths or English teacher, we are all responsible for the literacy improvement of our students,” Bernadette said. 

The detail in the data 2017 NAPLAN data showed that 69% of Year 9 students showed a positive gain in writing from Year 7 to Year 9.

The school’s success continued with a detailed analysis of the 2018 NAPLAN data of 1,250 Queensland schools by The Sunday Mail placing Goondiwindi in the top 10 schools that demonstrated an improvement in the literacy and numeracy skills of their students between the 2016 and 2018. Brett said the results speak for themselves.

“The whole intent of NAPLAN was not to test kids to pit them against each other or to pit schools against each other, it is a diagnostic test to be used to clearly identify where the student’s skills deficiencies are in relation to their literacy and numeracy.

“I am absolutely passionate about rural and remote education.

“My core motivation is equity.

“Postcode does sometimes define, so anything that puts the rural schools, the students and staff on a pedestal to celebrate our achievements with the amount of obstacles and challenges we have to overcome is just priceless.”