The Free Camping trial has ended, but many people want free campers to continue coming to town

Do you agree that free camping should be kept in Gundy?

The Goondiwindi Argus office and our social media accounts have been inundated with different viewpoints. 

There are many reasons as to why free camping should be kept. Elizabeth Ann Raymond states that many of the grey nomads using the camping site are “older retired persons, who can enjoy a pleasant walk from Redmond Park into town. It may be too far to walk from the proposed reserves.” 

Chris Beare disagreed that free camping didn’t help the local community. “I remember the council collecting shopping dockets that showed how much the town benefitted,” he wrote on our Facebook page. “It is extremely popular. I drive past it every day and it is mostly bumper to bumper with caravans.” 

Some of our readers, like Sting Woodham, agreed that the free camping park should be kept. “They all need to stock up on groceries and fuel, so it must help local shop owners,” he wrote on Facebook, however he stated that a bigger place is needed for the campers. 

Sharnn Hilton and Kim Farmer both agreed that a bigger venue is needed. “There’s a big vacant land opposite that park, beside the motel and McDonalds. Tidy it up,” wrote Ms Hilton. “They are bringing business to our town.” 

The Goondiwindi Argus invited business owners to state their opinions, however Tony Stevenson remarked that this is not possible. “How can a business owner possibly express their opinion on a Facebook post like this. They will get berated and their own livelihoods will be in jeopardy,” he wrote.

One business that benefitted was Kristie Graham’s laundry business. “I had a lot of free campers come in to do their washing and drying and have a chat,” she said, adding that they would also have a coffee.

Margo Hancock was surprised that the Chamber of Commerce haven’t been voicing their support, and added that free campers need “doctors, prescriptions, food, alcohol, fuel” and this can benefit the town. 

Graham Mills pointed to “two sides to the story”. He said free camping is “great for the traveller and local traders, but not so much for the caravan park owner.” 

What do you think?

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