Web words: Goondiwindi Argus readers take to social media

Illegal hunting crackdown 

Shame they missed poachers near Yetman!!!

Hayley Crichlow

Even at Gravo on Friday night. They bought the plane in and all trying to get them but I don’t think they got them.

Marita Brazel

The magpies have arrived

Yes, they come to my front door for brekky each day.  And no, they don't swoop me. They talk to me

Julie Kelly 

Yes, one grandson was attacked and has two marks on his temple when he was going to a friend’s place from his dad’s place. Not sure if he was on his scooter or bike. I forgot to ask him.

Deanna Castle 

I feed magpies and if I see them talk to them, so don’t seem to have a problem.

Margo Hancock 

I have six come for a feed everyday. Two eat out of my hand and they don’t worry me.

Sandy Brown

If you feed them, they don't attack you. I have had a lady magpie and guy magpie as well as offspring come to my house for a year and they haven't attacked me. The guy and baby will let you feed them but the lady is weary.

Lucy Smith

Goondiwindi’s great truckie

Congratulations Mark on your award. Wow! When you think of how many truck drivers there are in Australia it is a very special feat.

Marie Lloyd 

Author survives dark hours

Interesting middle name! Not many of them around and a great story.

Anne Maree Tribe