Proposed Abortion Bill is not to everyone's tastes

What is your view on the new abortion laws?
What is your view on the new abortion laws?

Whilst checking my emails, I came across the e-mail below, titled “Want to get the facts?” and was surprised by its content and wondered why I hadn’t seen or heard about it in the mainstream media, which made me wonder whether or not it was legitimate. And after talking to other members of the business community in relation to my grain and grazing operation, I found that they too were surprised and unaware of the proposed Bill.

The email in question was about the new abortion laws being proposed by the Annastacia Palaszczuk and Jackie Trad Labor Government making it possible for full term termination or abortion to birth of a baby even for “sex-selective” and “social reasons” as long as two doctors sign off, one of the doctors performing the termination and the other doctor not even having to see the patient’s file, all the while being funded by tax payer money. 

With a little further investigation I found out that YouGov Galaxy Poll, taken in August 2018 shows that only six per cent of Queenslanders agree with abortion past 23 weeks. I was going to outline how the medical professionals kill the late term baby but thought it best not to, as that information can be found by the reader on the internet.

The date of the proposed debate of this Jackie Trad- Labor Late-Term Abortion Bill in parliament is on Tuesday, October 16.

John McDonald

Balmoral Farm 


John McDonald attached the following email concerning the decriminalisation of abortion laws:

Want to get the “facts”?

The Queensland government has launched an online "fact checker" to provide accurate information about its proposed laws to decriminalise abortion. Labor introduced the changes to take abortion out of the state's criminal code for the first time since 1899.Queensland and NSW are the only two Australian states that still outlaw abortion.

Health Minister Steven Miles said the changes, would make abortion a health issue, not a criminal one."A woman should not feel like she is breaking the law by seeking a termination, and a doctor should not feel like they are breaking the law by simply doing their job," Mr Miles said.

The emotive issue has seen strong pushback from religious and pro-life groups, who have published a number of polls in recent weeks to support their position.

Mr Miles said some of the claims being made by those groups were incorrect, and he hoped the fact checker would help people form an "educated opinion" on the issue.

One of the state government's election commitments was to introduce the laws during this term of office, and it sent the legislation to the Queensland Law Reform Commission, which made several recommendations to the government in July.

Under the new laws, women would be able to ask to terminate pregnancies up to 22 weeks.

"Safe zones" of 150 metres would also be put in place around clinics to stop women, their loved ones and staff from being harassed.

Medical groups including the Australian Medical Association Queensland and women's rights advocates have welcomed the laws.Labor MPs will be allowed a conscience vote on the emotive issue.

The Liberal National Party opposition says it will wait to see the legislation before deciding whether its MPs will be free to vote with their conscience.The bill is expected to be debated and passed before the end of the year.

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