North Star Bushmen's carnival attracted all the crack riders

Despite the drought, the North Star Bushmen’s Carnival was a great success according to committee member Jeff Nixon.

“It was doubtful that the Draft would go ahead (September 8-9) , however the committee made the call only a couple of weeks ago to proceed.

“Over 800 cattle were rounded up from the local farmers allowing  for more than 130 entrants to take part.

“The ring was in perfect shape after recent rain and the riders were off to an early start on Saturday completing 600 runs by Sunday afternoon.

“Many thanks to all of the sponsors, truck and cattle suppliers and volunteers,” he said.


North Star Bushmens’ Carnival Campdraft September 8-9, 2018.

(Place, name,  horses name, score)


1st Jack Southern, Erin Henrik  168

=2nd Brett Myer, Loll 167; Tim Williams Vegas 167

4th Lockie Seccombe, Style 161

5th Darren O’Dempsey, General 160

6th Adrian McInnerney, Django, 159


1st Ben Thompson, Contest, 180

2nd Donna Buchanan, Nearo Skills, 176

=3rd Brett Myer, Loll, 175; Rodney McKinnon, Eclipse, 175

5th Thomas Wells, Convert, 172

6th Max Turley, Arnham, 171

=7th Dylan McKinnon, Stareye,170;Tim Williams, Vegas, 170;


1st Terry Hall, Romantic Spin, 176

2nd Dylan McKinnon, Silver, 175

3rd Hugo Radford, Falcon, 174

=4th Ben Thompson, Victoria, 173;Brent Flanagan, Midnight Con,173

6th Ben Thompson, Little Vic, 172

=7th Teeny Runzer, Goldie, 169;  Max Turley, Hydraulic, 169; Brett Myer,Loll, 169

Jackpot Open

1st Kylie Webber, Pure Blonde, 90

=2nd Chris Beard, Sunset, 89; Trader Wilson, Bonita, 89; Trader Wilson, Sergeant,89

=5th Troy Fitzpatrick, Shorty, 88; Tim Williams, Julie, 88


1st Jade Edmonstone, Heart Breaker, 91

=2nd Tiffany Edmonstone, Shania, 87; Emma Cone, Chilli, 87; Maryann Thompson, Ted,87;

Cara Seccombe, Memphis, 87; Rose Picton, Blue Ivy,87


1st Scott Wells, Slinki, 89

2nd Chloe Seccombe, Montanna, 86

3rd Scott Wells, Oasis, 85

4th Kate Soouthern, Chance, 84

5th Thomas Wells, Convert, 83

=6th Dylan McKinnon, Opaque, 81; Brooke McKinnon, Stareye, 81; Thomas Wells, Goldtone,81


1st Riley O’Neill, Tarmac, 85

2nd Emi Webb, King of the Night, 60

3rd Yasmin Leard, Sillhouette, 59

4th Tom Hall, Twinkle, 57

=5th  Clinton O’Neill, Malboro, 22; Mack Stewart, Durack, 22

Cattle donors CERES, Ross & Di Uebergang, Doolin Farming.