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Coles introduces Low-Sensory Quiet Hour

Thank you! My little sensory legend has reduced me to tears in a Supermarket more times than I can count. I genuinely appreciate the effort and I hope slowly it might filter through to the daily running of the whole store.

Bess O'Connor 

Wow, what a fantastic idea! Also good for some of the more elderly customers, also I reckon my hubby would like it too.

Therese Smith 

Well done, Coles.

Fiona Blinco 

Great incentive, and I hope it will be extended. The loud noise in all supermarkets is very disturbing, and I don't know why we must have it at all (except of course for important announcements).

Elizabeth Ann Raymond 

Awesome idea.

Debbie Winter 

I think it’s amazing! Trips to the store now with my 7-year son on the autism spectrum will be much more easy for him with less sensory stuff going on.

Tamara Quinnell

It worksfor us in the Toowoomba stores - more stores should take it on.

Jessica Ford 

Gourmet in Gundy was a real delight! 

Yes, one of my favourite yearly events

Judy Early

Beautiful day for Gourmet Gundy.

Beverley Clancy 

Well done Organisation. A great day.

Graham Mills

Was such a great afternoon.

Sue Dreier

A Fantastic Family Day!

Deanna Castle