Goondiwindi Lanescape a pathway to celebrating art in the bush

Goondiwindi is about to enter a laneway to art and creativity.

“A laneway between houses is like a laneway between worlds.” 

Or so says author Anthony T. Hincks.

And a Goondiwindi group of art lovers is at one end beckoning for us to join them in a five-year project which will change how Goondiwindi is viewed by visitors and residents alike; turning the CBD hub from the Co-op to the Bridge precinct into a vibrant communal statement about who we are.

It’s a picture the group hopes will make us think, enjoy and embrace.

And laugh.

There will be plenty of “quirky” magical features.

It might be a mouse peeking through a crack in the wall, something hidden in grate….

The transformation of the Bowen-Street laneway behind the CBD has all ready begun.

Lori Mackay has turned an old shed hiding art work into a Melbourne-style laneway cafe, Sundays only, while it also acts as the Committee’s HQ.

The project will encompass a meeting of styles and ages.

An example of Ian's work.

An example of Ian's work.

Goondiwindi State High School students will play an important role.

Adding a “young, colourful, bright and enthusiastic” vibe to the laneway which “exemplifies who they are at this stage of life,” art teacher Cathy Woods said.

It will all be part of the school’s popular Expressive Arts Week which is now in its 15th year.

The benefit for students is they will be able to work with a “professional artist”.

“Hats off to the Goondiwindi Regional Council for trusting its public spaces to students,” art teacher Leslie Hawker said.

The professional artists who will be transforming a concrete and bitumen thoroughfare into a artistic symbol of who we are is renowned Queensland artist Ian Tremewen with assistance from fellow artist and wife, Lorraine.

Now based in Australia, his is contemporary watercolourist with an abstract view of the world.

Ian was born in Montreal. Much of his life has been spent in the Caribbean and Hawaiian tropics..

(For a look at Ian’s work go to

His mural will be painted on the Goondiwindi Co-op FoodWorks wall at the entrance to Bowen Lane, with the majority of the artwork completed in the week of October 21 – 26.

All in time for “the party”,  a festive “unveiling” on Friday, October 26 although work will still be in progress.

There’ll be “alfresco” dining, stalls, the Shed bar will be open, and residents will have the chance to “stroll down the lane” and see the artists at work.

It begins at 5.30 and the Committee hopes people  will walk straight from work.

There’ll also be a cocktail van.

Goondiwindi Regonal Mayor, Cr Graeme Scheu said the lanescape project was an example of why Goondiwindi is ranked as one of the Australia’s most “liveable” towns.

One of the reasons for that, he said, is the level of “co-operation, the support, the volunteers we have in our community.

“It’s what makes the region such a great place to live and it’s what allows a group like (the Lanescape Committee) transform the town, and we should all be proud of that,” he said.

He said he was particularly “excited” about the involvement of students.