Web Words: Goondiwindi Argus readers expressed themselves on our Facebook pages and social media

Deanna Castle's photo from the Weengallon Ladies Day. The red background made a lovely backdrop for a pink day.
Deanna Castle's photo from the Weengallon Ladies Day. The red background made a lovely backdrop for a pink day.

Here are some reader comments to our stories that appeared on social media:

Weengallon Pink Ladies Day

We had a wonderful day. Deirdre Bensley also known as Dee and her mum Chris came for the first time. (Chris arrived the night before from the Sunshine Coast to go to it). The whole day was fantastic. The set-up among the red dirt look awesome. The meal was delicious and presented so lovely and the table settings looked gorgeous. The guest speaker was amazing and so informative. The stalls were wonderful and we all came away buying something. Take a bow Weengallon Pink Ladies Day Committee and all Volunteers and Sponsers. Looking forward to going with my cousin next year for her first time too.

Deanna Castle 

Dumping animals in drought

How do we find these animals to help foster them?


Frilly Horton

You won’t find them, because it’s not true. Fake News.

Janice Baker

Can't imagine farmers doing that.

Carolyn Wowor

Few farmers have compassion for animals IMHO.

Gary Forrest

Your facts are incorrect. Of course they wouldn't dump their dogs… They would shoot their best mates before leaving them to starve...

Shirley Carrigan

Yes, Shirley exactly right.

Susan Eldridge Shore

What a load of garbage! Sensationalism at best. Check your facts and talk with animal health providers eg. vets before you print this rubbish. I cannot think of one client who would do this. I imagine that the animal strayed.

Glenda Rival

Thank you, Glenda Rival, you are spot on… Mike would say exactly the same too... These comments make my blood boil too..

Shirley Carrigan

The last thing our graziers need at this time is that innuendo.

Glenda Rival 

A man would shoot his mate so he doesn’t suffer before just letting them roam free. Ain’t a cocky round that would let a dog roam, especially with dog problems as it is!

Manda-Jayne Hornberg

Not true, it would not happen!

Georgina Coalter

Trouble is that there are idiots out there that believe this rubbish.

Deborah Leigh Davies

Yes, probably one ratbag. Media hear and run with it, and it becomes 'the norm'! Great, farmers now have to defend themselves! Grrr  They have no idea how things really work out here!

Jan Campbell 

The 4390 postcode

As investor the great rental returns....

Peter Zivkovic

A great community!

Katrina Day

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