Drought assistance: showing our humanity during distressing time for farmers

Caring makes us human. 

When we stop caring we lose our humanity.

It’s this very humanity, however, that makes us extremely vulnerable in the face of adversity – especially when we see others suffering.

There’s nothing like the current drought to bring out compassion in people who feel for our farmers and animals in their time of need. 

Encountering the dried up creeks where water once flowed in abundance, tasting the bull-dust and seeing the starving cows stare back at us with vacant eyes stirs the compassion in us. 

We know that the struggling farmer who wakes before dawn, dragging his last bales, and desperately hunting down feed for his stock, is fighting for our own food security.

We can see the pain beneath the stoic smiles plastered on the faces of those braving a very difficult situation, and bracing themselves for the worse. 

Farming families are drawn together as young kids, sensing the stress of their parents, chip in with all they’ve got from pocket money to work around the farm to help tend to the animals and keep them alive. 

All around the region, people help in a little in their own way - from free haircuts to free financial advice for farmers navigating through paperwork for drought assistance. There are donations of everything from boots to formal dresses for farmers’ daughters. 

Fairfax Media’s involvement in the Buy a Bale (www.buyabale.com.au) campaign has not lost its momentum and continues to help farmers in need. 

If there’s a silver lining during this testing time, it’s the strong lessons in compassion and humanity to be learnt from the drought. 

What are you doing to help farmers during the drought? Is there an initiative you’d like to draw attention to? Send your story to mary.sinanidis@fairfaxmedia.com.au