Massive stick pulled from dog belly

An enormous stick was pulled out of a dog’s  oesophogus on Tuesday morning. 

The six month old Bull Mastif Cross was brought into the surgery when he wasn’t looking well.

The large stick was pulled out of his throat at the Inverell and Warialda Vet Clinic by Dr Glenborrowdale.

The team videoed the surgery and put it on Facebook, it has since been shared 234 times and viewed almost 25,000 times on Wednesday morning.

“Today we had a more interesting surgery, this dog came into the clinic, he wasn’t feeling himself,” the post read. 

“After an exam, x-ray and endoscope, we went straight into surgery to remove this stick from his oesophagus.

“Patient is doing well after surgery.” 

The Inverell Times will speak to Dr Glenborrowdale when he’s available.

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