Recycling not just something we like, it's a necessity says mayor

Waste Manager, Anni Colbran with GRC Waste Management Portfolio holder, Cr Rob Mackenzie.
Waste Manager, Anni Colbran with GRC Waste Management Portfolio holder, Cr Rob Mackenzie.

The town “dump” – waste facility – has only 15 years of “life” left.

And that’s bad news for Goondiwindi residents.

But it’s great news if you believe more should be done to embrace a “green” lifestyle.

Because that’s just what has to happen according to GRC Mayor, Cr Graeme Scheu.

He said “recycling” was not just something “we’d like to do”, it’s something “we have to do”.

Council hopes its new recycling program will boost the life of the dump to at least 25 years.

The downside, when it happens, is that the facility will eventually have to move.

Recycling is not just something we’d like to do, it’s something we have to do.

GRC Mayor, Cr Graeme Scheu

The problem, and there’s two main ones, is where? And the cost? Council says a new dump, now, would cost at least $7 million.

But the biggest concern is, where?

The preference is for it to be inside the existing levee bank.

However that just may not be possible opening the way for the possibilty the main waste facility could be kilometres away from the the town.

Council’s plan for now?

Please recycle.

And to work in conjunction with Proterra who manages the site, to have a a first-class facility which uses the best possible practices to extend the life of the dump.

Proterra has spent close to $2 million over the past 12 months to ensure that.

A commercial charge is also about to be introduced at a $100 tonne for waste that can’t be recycled and which has to go into the landfill.

The good news according to Council is what can be recycled: metal, batteries, cardboard as long as it is has 5percent or less of impurities, and green waste.

Even concrete will be stockpiled until a crusher is hired to turn it into dust.

The tip for builders or anyone demolishing a house is to do some planning.

If the waste is thrown into together and brought out to the dump it will be weighed and charged at $100 a tonne.

Separated and much of it won’t cost a cent.

While we toured the site last week a truck arrived with a single load of mixed waste.

Shortly, from July 1m that load would have cost around $2000 if not separated.

“You don’t want to be paying for something you don’t have to,” Proterra Waste Manager, Anni Colbran said.

Want to know more about the new charges and recycling, visit the GRC website.