Meals on Wheels' roster for Goondiwindi

Meals on Wheels volunteers are at it again, and here is the roster for next week.

MONDAY JUNE 18 – EAST –J Riddell, J Ryan WEST – B Dawson, M Hoffmann

TUESDAY JUNE 19 -  EAST –G Ryan, D Ryan WEST – T McClymont, K Sandow

WEDNESDAY JUNE 20 – EAST J Rae, A Beare – WEST V Murphy, L Brennan, D Carrigan

THURSDAY JUNE 21 – EAST – S Elsley, P Clayton -  WEST -  P Sullivan, M Mavor

FRIDAY JUNE 22  – EAST – J Thatcher, K Cairns  WEST  K Corish, G Cory

If unable to deliver on your day let your partner  know and find a replacement