Goondiwindi car thief, road blitz

A weekly report from the Goondiwindi Police.

Police are on the hunt for a thif who stole a car from Clyne Street on May 9.

The house was also broken in to.

The car has not been found.

Police are urging anybody with information regarding the incident to report it to Police link on 131444 or Goondiwindi Police 46717777.

In other matters, a vehicle was vandalised in Dillon Street some time between May 7-8.

Police are continuing their investigation and again urge anyone that may have information to report it to either Police link on 131444 or Goondiwindi Police 46717777.

Police blitz

Police blitzed the roads on May 10.

The specialist road Policing Unit in conjunction with local Police netted seven drug drivers during the operation. Two of these drivers were charged further for the possession of dangerous drugs/utensils. Police also issued four separate Notice to Appears to heavy vehicle drivers in relation to severe work diary breaches and load dimension breaches. A further 32 infringement notices were issued to drivers as a result of the joint operation.