Letter - Littleproud attacks Labor over token interest in bush

Labor will never understand the bush saus Littleproud.
Labor will never understand the bush saus Littleproud.

Bill Shorten’s pathetic attempt at feigning interest in Australian agriculture was a token mention missed if you coughed at the wrong time during his 35 minute Budget Reply speech.

Here is what Labor’s commitment to agriculture consisted of: “our commitment to agriculture, science and research” - not even a full sentence.

Mentioning the word won't create the sort of benefits the Coalition's $224 million package, focussed on growing trade and on biosecurity, will.

Labor will never understand the importance of agriculture as the lifeblood of our regional communities, supporting some 300,000 jobs and worth $63 billion to our economy.

Labor has no plan for agriculture. Regional communities will be the ones who suffer.

Only a Liberal National government can deliver for Aussie farmers and our rural, regional and remote communities.

The Coalition Government is investing $224 million in new funding to drive exports, protect industry through stronger biosecurity and boost productivity to secure the long-term wealth of the nation.

We’re continuing the fight against pests and weeds, getting more minor use chemicals onto the market to support farmers and aiming to better understand seasonal labour demand.

This Budget we are continuing measures such as doubling farm management deposits to $800,000;  100 per cent write offs on water storage and fences and three year write-offs for fodder storage to build drought resilience.

Farmers and small businesses will continue to have access to the $20,000 instant asset write-offs for a further 12 months to enable them to replace or upgrade things like the old work ute.

Farmers deserve a fair go not a token mention.