Mo Tackle Cod Cash draws over 700 fishing enthusiasts

Ty Edmonds shows off his catch.

Ty Edmonds shows off his catch.

Over 700 fishing fans took to Copeton Dam last week for the first annual MO Tackle and Outdoors Cod Cash competition.

Although the valuable $1000 and $20,000 tagged fish were not claimed, 19 cod measuring a metre and over were recorded, with another 12 ranging from 90cm to 1000cm. 

The largest cod measuring in at 1380mm, was caught by Graham Candy, while Michael Simpson’s 615mm catch was the longest golden perch.

The winner of the photo competition, by Snagged Apparel.

The winner of the photo competition, by Snagged Apparel.

Other significant cod catches were William Short’s 1230mm monster, a 1195mm fish caught by Brock Stewart and Christine Kirkman’s 1175mm catch. 

Salvana Kalinowski’s golden perch was 600mm, while Matthew Carter came in at 580mm, Brady Lennon caught a 570mm fish and Salvana Kalinowski’s catch was 565mm.

The largest fish snagged were worth 12 month subscriptions to Fishing Monthly, while the mystery lengths were rewarded with $500 Shimano packs.

Arthur Parker and Brady Lennon were the mystery length winners, with Parker’s 675mm cod just over the 670mm target while Lennon hit a bullseye with a 380mm golden perch.

Snagged Apparel’s shot of a campfire under the stars impressed judges of the photo competition, and they were chosen for the $500 prize. 

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