You can have your say about Inland Rail at Millmerran next week

The Inland Rail will be in Millmerran next week to listen.
The Inland Rail will be in Millmerran next week to listen.

Community members have the chance to talk directly with Inland Rail’s Condamine Floodplain Crossing Study team at information sessions in Millmerran and Brookstead next week.

ARTC Inland Rail Queensland Programme Delivery Manager Rob McNamara said the sessions are an opportunity for community members to get an overview of the process involved in the floodplain investigations, and importantly, to share their local knowledge with the project’s technical specialists.

“The methodology was shared with the local Inland Rail Community Consultative Committees this week and I was pleased to hear good feedback and listen to the committee’s comments.

“There are numerous examples of rail lines crossing floodplains, making use of structures such as bridges, viaducts and culverts, and this process is about coming up with a best-fit solution for this particular floodplain.

“No-one knows this area like the locals and we are keen to hear from the people who know this area best. We invite locals to come to the sessions next week and talk to us about what’s involved in these investigations, to share their knowledge, to ask questions, and if required, arrange opportunities for a one-on-one meeting."

Mr McNamara said that in simple terms, the Condamine Floodplain Crossing Study involves a number of key steps, which build on the work that was undertaken in the concept development phase:

o   Gathering information

o   Developing a hydrology model

o   Validating the hydrology model

o   Developing preliminary design solutions

o   Validating preliminary design solutions

o   Finalising the design solution for incorporation in the Environmental Impact Statement.

“As we work through those steps, there will be multiple opportunities for landowners and community members to contribute to the process,” Mr McNamara said.

“The project consultants have already started meeting with landowners one-on-one to gather information and anecdotal evidence about historic flooding impacts. They will also be seeking input on the operational aspects of properties such as land access, road access, where and how equipment and stock is used, and how landowners use their properties.

“The consultants want to understand any implications so they can work towards mitigating them and subsequently provide an acceptable solution.”

The studies are taking into account the whole of the Condamine catchment, including areas upstream and downstream of the study area which was announced by the Federal Government in September last year and includes a section of existing rail corridor.

A preliminary design solution is expected to be available for consultation in mid-2018.

The open house information sessions for local communities will be held on the following dates:

Thursday 19 April, 3 - 7pm, Millmerran Cultural Centre, 45 Walpole Street, Millmerran

Saturday 21 April, 9am – 1pm, Brookstead Hall, Madeleine Street, Brookstead.

Project information will also be available at the ARTC stand at the Toowoomba Show this week.

More detail about the Inland Rail Program is available at or by contacting the team on 1800 732 761 or email